An American Werewolf in London Remake in the Works

An American Werewolf in London Remake in the WorksIt was only a matter of time. Here’s the deal, and we’re just going to have to accept it: If a movie is even slightly good or has even the tiniest of cult followings, Hollywood is going to remake it. There’s just no doubt of this anymore.

Bloody Disgusting caught up with John Landis today, and the director revealed all that he knew about the upcoming remake and some tasty bits about the Blu-ray that will be coming our way soon —

“Yes, Dimension is now in negotiation for the ‘An American Werewolf in London’ remake rights,” Landis tells the site. “Perhaps someone will make a brilliant movie out of it; regardless, my film comes out on Blu-ray this summer and looks amazing. I was afraid the digital cleaning of the negative would result in too clear a picture and hurt Rick Baker’s make-up, when in fact the incredibly crisp detail actually makes Rick’s stuff look even better!”

There you have it, folks. Some bad with the good. What’s next? Jaws? The Exorcist? Sorority Babes in the Slime-Bowl-O-Rama? It’s just inevitable.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Kyle Reese

    I’m always confused when directors get nervous over HD transfers – isn’t 35mm film technically like 4x the resolution of a DVD?

  • Wer-Weald

    ENOUGH ALREADY. the past has good flicks like this because artists were churning original works contemporary with the psychological, social, political, etc. impulses of the world. They are NOT PASTICHES. That’s what a remake is–not a copy but a pastiche. It’s all hackneyed because we’re not capturing the original impulse or creating a new one. It’s a hideous mish-mash.

    Carpenter’s “THe Thing” excepted. It actually created something new, and improved on the original.

    Ring, Ring 2, Grudge, Shutter, Am. Werewolf in Paris (sequel, but yeah)–CRAP

  • Blockbuster

    Hasn’t this already been remade? Good grief!

  • justplaindoug

    Each of these films are important to different ones of us. As horror fans, true fans, there is a film out there that you hold dear. That one that cauterized your love for horror, it was your turning point, your introduction, or just the first one you saw.

    Eventually, for all of us, we will have our movie remade. We don’t have to like it, we dont’ have to see it. But we have to accept that it’s happening. And as long as we pay to see them (and yes that includes even renting or netflixing them) they will continue to cash in on what they see as properties with a built in audience.

    For me- it was Halloween. Even casting my childhood crush, Danielle Harris, didn’t soften the blow of that one.

  • thedarkestshadow

    Hopefully the werewolf in this remake won’t look like a reject from a Jim Henson movie.

  • FilmCritic3000

    Apparently Dimension’s looking at doing something else with the property, ala “An American Werewolf In Paris”, as the rights to the first film are still owned, as they’ve always been, by Universal Pictures.


    So what’ll the next one be? “An American Werewolf In Lisbon”?

    • The Unknown Murderer

      “An American Werewolf in Des Moines.”

      Written and Directed by Ron Bonk.

  • frank_dracman

    Yeah, I just don’t care anymore. All this remake nonsense is like prison sex. It sucks and you get no enjoyment out of it, but once you realize it isn’t going to stop and there’s nothing you can do about it, you just grit your teeth and accept it. Or so I hear…

    • krawlingkhaos

      Well said. I’m so mentally exhausted I just can’t muster any anger at this kind of news anymore.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Why does everyone get so upset about this kind of news? Well, to match to same old rhetoric, I’ll do the same. At the very worst the movie sucks. Nothing, whatsoever, effects the original in any way. I just watched the original again last week. Still awesome, and always will be.

  • PelusaMG

    Why? What needs to be remade? The effects still hold up very well, and it is a well-scripted, well-directed and well-acted piece. I see no reason why this classic movie needs anything added, taken away, or ‘remade’…

    • DavidFullam

      Because Hollywood feels that things can only be improved by dumbing it all down and making tweeny boppers the main characters.

      • The Unknown Murderer

        $. Begins and ends with it.

        The Bluray is a must-purchase for me.

  • Teen-Idol

    If anything deserves to be boycotted, it’s THIS remake..

  • nonserviam03


  • Floydian Trip

    Finally, a Blu-ray release! Boy is this remake gonna suck balls with all the cheezy CGI they’re gonna use not to mention a far inferior script. I’ll never see it.

  • Doc Block


    Next thing we know, THE EXORCIST will get remade. Fuck you Hollywood! Fuck You!

  • DeTuinman

    This, naturaly, will fail beyond belief…

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.