Lionsgate – The Last Resort

If I were America Olivo, I’d just stay in the city where it’s safe. You may remember her from the Friday the 13th relaunch as the woman in the pre-title sequence who showed us her ample bosom and then got roasted alive in a sleeping bag. Now she’s off to a tropical paradise that for her and others may very well prove to be The Last Resort.

Kathleen, a bride-to-be, and her four bridesmaids, Sophia, Jessica, Beth, and Amber, travel to Mexico in hopes of having a last “hoorah” before the wedding a few weeks away. After partying hard the night before, Sophia splits from the group to pursue Rob, a handsome young tourist from the States. The other girls decide to take a tour of the countryside without her but are robbed and left for dead in a remote rugged terrain. As night falls, the tired and injured girls arrive at an abandoned resort and decide to take shelter until morning. When they enter, strange things begin to happen as they become overwhelmed by an unspoken evil that possesses the resort. Back in town, Sophia is worried about her friends and works hard to track them down. After realizing they took a scenic tour, Sophia and Rob do the same in hopes of finding her lost friends. Sophia and Rob finally discover the resort and attempt to help their friends, but an unspeakable evil has taken control of all who travel to The Last Resort.

America Olivo co-stars as bridesmaid Sophia, which I think means it is safe to assume her odds of survival are greatly diminished.

Lionsgate is set to take DVD viewers to director Brandon Nutt’s The Last Resort on August 18th. Here are the box art and the trailer.

The Last Resort DVD Cover Art


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