E3: LeChuck Lives

LeChuck LivesSometimes we cover stuff on this site that leaves me scratching my head. We had a review of the new Terminator movie? I guess I can sort of understand that. Which brings me to Monkey Island.

I don’t care what anyone says; a game in which you face off against a band of ghost pirates and use the black arts of voodoo to bring them down is definitely something we should be covering. I don’t care if we didn’t cover the thematically identical Pirates of the Caribbean. When a gaming franchise as revered as Monkey Island gets a double header of awesome news, we should be covering it even if it’s tenuous goddamnit because I played the first when I was a child and you should all bend to my childhood loves.

Ahem. So, Monkey Island then. The comic horror (I have no
shame) adventure gaming franchise to end them all. After four battles between pirate Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck (who went from ghost, to zombie, to demon, to all three at once … see … HORROR), the time has finally come for them to square off again once more.

LeChuck is still after Guybrush’s lady, and there’s still a boatload (SEE WHAT I DID?) of piratey jokes and puzzles left to tell. Telltale Games and Lucasarts are working together to bring us a whole season of Monkey Island with five parts spread out across five different months, starting next month on July 7th.

You can pre-order the whole season on PC now for $35 from Telltale Games or you can wait a little bit longer and play them all on Nintendo Wii where they’ll be sold in the online Wii Store. If you’ve read this far, you’re either a fan of the series or enjoying my overly defensive blitherings.

But what you say of the days when Guybrush was single and just a wannabe pirate? The days told so brilliantly in The Secret of Monkey Island, the original game in the series. What of those days? Well, remember before when I said something about a double header. I appreciate that you may have been distracted there by certain other imagery, but this is other head coming right up. Focus.

Coming to PC and Xbox Live Arcade on the 360 sometime this summer will be a special edition of Secretcomplete with the original version of the game, and a repainted, rescored, and newly voiced version, to try to bring the original classic as up-to-date as you can without changing a line of dialogue or a single puzzle.

That’s right. A new series of short Monkey Island games starting next month and a lovingly made remake of the original. Veterans of the series have worked on both, and fans will be pleased to know that the voice cast from Curse of Monkey Island is back on board for both projects.

Thanks for humoring me.

Ryan “Plagiarize” Acheson

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