July 2010 Is Looking Beastly

Alex Pettyfer is BeastlyWe all know that in order for there to be adult horror fans, there have to be projects that appeal to the youngsters out there so that they can grow up to be like us. Which is why stories like Beastly are a necessary evil.

Based on the “young adult” novel by Alex Flinn, Beastly is a modern day telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, in which a witch turns a handsome yet smarmy young man into a self-loathing monster. As we reported previously, said monster will be played by Alex Pettyfer (pictured and looking quite beastly indeed) with Vanessa Hudgens as the beautiful one who can break the spell. But will she?

According to Box Office Mojo we’ll find out come July 30, 2010, which is when CBS Films plans to release Beastly in theatres everywhere.

Debi Moore

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