Extreme Paranormal Haunts A&E

Extreme Paranormal Haunts A&EWho doesn’t love shows about the things that go bump in the night? What? No, we’re not talking about the Playboy channel, you friggin’ pervs! We’re talkin’ about the new sliver of paranormal shivers coming to us courtesy of A&E Network — “Extreme Paranormal”!

From the Pittsburgh Form Blog:

“In “Extreme Paranormal” – Shaun, Nathan, and Jason are irreverent paranormal explorers who investigate chilling local legends, attempting to seek the truth by provoking spirits. Unlike other paranormal investigators, they put themselves directly in harm’s way – taunting ghosts, summoning the dead and daring the demonic to attack.

“Extreme Paranormal” gives rabid paranormal fans the ride they’ve always wanted: the chance to follow a team that dares to challenge legends, curses, and hauntings by actually attempting to provoke paranormal activity.”

Look for it to debut later this year!

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • kirpik

    bout 10 minutes into it, I felt like I was watching a really bad episode of Scooby Doo. The lines are clearly written and when they’re read, they sound so, so fake.
    “Hey guys, look what I got over HERE!” “I wouldn’t ever expect to see anything like that!”
    I like ghost hunting shows. I LOVE them, actually. I always DVR ghost adventures and Ghost Hunters and even some of the smaller, lesser known shows where they do similar stuff. I know the premise of this is different…the fact that the actors try to DRIVE the spirits or to elicit a response by rattling them…it just doesn’t work.

  • alogos

    Furthermore: to you little minded goofy boys – just what gives you the right to mess around with these “demons” anyway? Do you even give a dam about the other spirits connected to the tragedies you are exploiting?

    Andrew K

  • Uncle Creepy

    Seriously? I’ve just watched two episodes and this is the single funniest show I’ve ever seen! How could you not laugh during the opener when the dude says, “Every town has a portal to Hell. We knock on the door and say, ‘What’s up?'”

    Holy shit I was in stitches. Having worked with some real professionals in the field I can tell you that these guys have no credibility as Ghost Hunters. They do the exact wrong thing all the time. The delivery of some of their stuff is painfully executed, but god damn it, it entertained me … just for all the wrong reasons.

    Too damned funny!

    • Rottenjesus

      And they only made two episodes?! It may be as fake as hell but it was entertaining in that old cheesy IN SEARCH OF type way you know?

      If they do specials like this every Halloween I’m all for it. That episode on the lake? Emmy worthy I tells ya!

  • Darkside_Luna

    I must have gotten lucky and missed the first episode but I just watched the second one tonight and I just want to say that I am not impressed. Every piece of “ghostly evidence” they caught was laughable at the least!! I will admit I have an addiction to staying up late watching ghost shows like this one and using my DVR to slow down or freeze certain parts that catch my attention. The scene at the end (if any of you could make it that far) when the light bulb falls to the floor is sooo FAKE!!! If you looked thru the table or whatever it was beside the wall you will notice and little rod pop up after the bulb falls to the floor and in the woods when they seen the “man” beside a tree if you pause it at that scene you can see its only a tree and maybe a mask sticking out of the side. Shows like this should never even be put on the air it just ruins it for us ghost show lovers. I like TAPS but it is starting to get played out. Unfortunately there isnt really anything else on TV that is like TAPS though. Paranormal State is ok but they dont really seem to care if they have proof of ghosts its just more about getting rid of them and Ghost Adventures is a lil lame but I still watch it for the history on the places they go to. I have come across a Live show online that is pretty cool and the guy that does the investigations will chat with people and ask if want him to do or say certain things. Its called Livescifi.tv if anyone is interested in checking them out the best part is its free and Tim doesnt try to pretend things r there to boost his ratings.

    • GhostLore

      I loved Extreme Paranormal and they are a lot better then the over dramatics of Ghost Hunters. They are totally fake. All ghost hunters does is say things like “do you hear that?” “what’s that” and nothing is there and all you hear is the dumbass music that they have playing so you can’t hear all the fake drama that they are trying to portray. Retard antics of Steve always afraid of bugs and heights. That’s why his LOSER ASS wasn’t on GHI. Then the previews for the new episodes always have Steve saying things like OMG. Then he shakes. You watch the new episode and all it was was a spider that he was afraid of. So like my handle says. Ghost Hunters sucks ass and those that watch them all the time. Extreme Paranormal is where it’s at. I loved the show, because they do things that others are afraid of. The which that they went to i know personally and i have been to the area and it’s all true, so do your research before you start talking ASS HOLE.

  • Darkside_Luna

    Come to the Darkside.. we have cookies!!

  • glyph14

    The Three Stooges go Ghost Hunting? If I’d wanted to watch a comedy, I’d have found a better one than this. I love the warning at the beginning not to do any of the rituals – they should have said “Please don’t bury yourself in a wooden coffin and pour dirt on the top – it might collapse and you will join the ghosts you want to contact.” These idiots don’t have one brain amongst them. Um – and how is it that the “unmarked” graves have a couple dozen crosses on top? Not only are they bad investigators, they’re just lame – isn’t that guy who was possessed or fainted or choked or whatever lucky that gator didn’t happen along just then?

  • shockeddd

    oh my gosh i just finished watching the show and it may be one of the worst things i’ve ever seen. the “lead” actor is HORRIBLE at acting and his voice & the things he says plain pisses me off. this thing needs to be taken off the air asap. it’s beyond fake. its actually insulting to ME. do they think they’re actually fooling anyone? wow. that was disgusting.

  • cat 123

    so not impressed there is no debunking at all its all “that so was a ghost” giving ghost hunters a bad name, TAPS a awsome show, they really try to prove either there is a ghost or that its something els, i was very disapointed by this new series , they gotta work on proving and showing undebunkable evidence, the something jumping in the water was priceless cant eblieve they thought it was paranormal related, called a fish, anyways hope the other epesiodes are way better

    • spookymulder

      This is one of the worst shows of any genre ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting audience. Where did they find these three hillbillies? I love the fact that they threw in a token gay guy, but the ginger greaser is no Chip Coffey. Who actually put money into this abortion of a show? I want to know what idiot actually took a meeting with these clowns and thought they could discern their collective ass from a hole in the ground, much less straddle dimensions.

      This was seriously one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, and it’s an embarrassment to the paranormal genre in particular. A&E should just fold their entire company if this is the best they can do for their fall slate.

      Seriously, this is what I’m stuck with instead of watching my homegirls Heather and Katrina? WTF?

  • thegoodpotato

    Worst. Show. Ever.

    I’m hoping A&E (usually known for moderately intelligent, thought-provoking, or emotionally intense shows) pulls this crap before they dis-credit some of the guys out there that do a good job of paranormal investigation.

    While I’m not a fan of paranormal state either (God, the drama… the DRAMA!!! and usually unneccesarily) it’s ten times better than this unintelligent, dangerous, moronic crap.

    I’ve got respect for people like TAPS who make a concerted effort to get good evidence of hauntings and who act respectful of the dead, and who try to discount things before they blindly accept it as “proof” of a haunting.

    The idiots of “Extreme Paranormal” should be stripped of any profit they might get from this show and given a swift kick in the @$$ for thinking that this would be a hit. I can’t express my contempt for these buttheads.

    Disappointment sets in.

  • The Woman In Black

    I think one word describing this show and its protagonists kind of says it all: Irreverent.

    Really? That’s how you want to treat the subject matter? As a joke? After looking over all the comments here, that seems to be the consensus. Extreme Paranormal is nothing more than a joke that slaps every believer in the paranormal square in the face. Nice going, guys.

  • madman12

    Just watched this piece of s***! Do a little more research, there isn’t a Tree of Death Rune. The investigation tactics were horrible. The actual evidence that was collected wasn’t even REAL evidence. I expected more out of the A&E network. Hope this crapfest goes away quickly. I’d rather watch reruns of the 1999 Haunted History at least that produces real story telling.

  • ar_poe

    This show was so terrible.

    1. Did they refer to that symbol during the underwater investigation as the Key of Solomon? The majority of Solomon’s symbols were to protect the conjurer from a specific summoned demon, not just some random spirit of a serial killer who happens to be at the bottom of a lake. Also, the Key of Solomon is a grimoire of collected work and symbols, not a single symbol used for protection.

    2. Did he call that a blood ritual? What next? Are they going to start advocating the use of Oui’ja?

    I just don’t think that these guys have any respect for the dead at all. Come on, blood rituals and burning sites? If that prison had any idea that something like that would take place, they wouldn’t have allowed the investigation, I’m sure.

  • uberman

    I saw it last night. Truly horrible and extremely misleading and stupid. Examples: 1).The ghost dudes are in NM State Prison and every time they talk, there is an exact echo-repeated only once-of their voices: HELLO (hello). However, 5 minutes later, there are NO echos at all. 2). Every other minute of of them screams to the others working on a different level to “Come Here…I found something!!!” and they all are filmed running like hell to find him. Most of the time its nothing, but it happens all the time. 3). They have not established who or what entity(s) are in the prison, yet they automatically come to the conclusion that it is the ghost of the prisoner who was burned alive, as the burn marks are on the prison floor. So, they are calling out to him, telling him he’s dead, that whereever he need to go it cant be worse than here, that he can just rot in this ‘hell’ etc. Mind you, they never once establish contact, and then…they desecrate the murder scene by outlining it in chalk and setting it on fire for some ‘Established Occult Ritual’ that head duche bag dreams up. 4). One of the guys calls out to the ‘spirit’ in an EVP session. Then you hear him screaming to the other to ‘Hurry…I’ve got something!” They show up and he has THE most PERFECT EVP EVER RECORDED. Just as clear and crisp as if you were whispering…into…the…mic. It says ‘Help Me!’ or something. Later in the show, they do an ‘underwater investigation.’ One guy is floating inside a protective geometric floating shape lit with candles. Mind you, the show leads you to believe they just showed up in their small car..so where did all this other shit come from? Anyways, you see the guy floating there from an underwater perspective, which tells you that there is a cameraman in scuba filming him. This guy claims someone grabbed his leg and later is told to don Scuba and go down himself but to STAY WITHIN THE PROTECTIVE FLOATING CIRCLE!!!. Now, he goes down 40ft and starts swimming around. Do you think he’s still in that little circle? Anyways, somebody-a fish or cameraman, kicks up the silty sediment on the lake floor-I’ve seen fish do this 1000 times-and its THE GHOST OF MARK NELSON, PSYCHO COWBOY KILLER. The wind on the surface kicks up, blowing apart the styrofoam flaoting circle. They warm our moron in Scuba that his life is in danger as there is no protection now! Thats the show. The. Worst. Most Manipulative. Phony. Stupid. Paranormal Show…Ever.

  • Lothias

    Ok…I just finished watching this turkey show too…what a crock of crap!!

    First off there is no “Tree of Death Rune” in Futhark, Theban or even the Angelic Script alphabets. However there was a reference to such a rune from the World Of Warcraft. And if there was such a thing as this rune, you’d never use your own blood and then light it on fire…good way to cast this death spell on yourself. And why would this make this ghost respond??? Answer…it wouldn’t.

    Then that bit about the lake was laughable too. Casting the summoning circle on land then towing out onto the lake…guys…it don’t work that way. If you wanted your circle to reach out onto the lake all you had to do was expand it out that far, and besides these circles are usually on the astral plain and not the physical. Of course they did physical because it is hard to film anything astral isn’t it? And this probably seemed so much more mystical didn’t it? Obviously nobody connected with show has any Ceremonial Magick training nor has such a magician on the payroll as an advisor. Otherwise they’d have known that you don’t put anybody into the summoning circle unless you want them to be possessed because that’s where you want the entity or demon to show up. The safety circle is your protection circle, not the summoning circle, Bozo’s. And that poem summoning spell sounded like something out of a D&D manual.

    Telling that guy he was safe out there in that circle…hell he would have been more safe just about anyplace else out on that lake than in a summoning circle. But of course they were all perfectly safe, since there is nothing there at all!

    • reporter666

      Ha Ha Lothias, so true!

      Oh Brother! And I thought Zak Bagans was the only “female hygiene product” on ghost hunter TV–now A&E has built a show around 3! Complete with fake voice-overs, thermal camera reflections and stretched EVP definitions! Cancel this bomb A&E, leave the ghost hunting to those who don’t insult our intelligence!

  • dogtown

    I just finished watching this show a few minutes ago and was compelled to Google a forum where people were discussing it.
    To be frank, I’m really, really shocked that A&E would pick this up. A&E has a pretty solid tradition of good shows…in terms of quality, at least.
    And to be even more frank, I was offended by this show in so much that I felt it was horribly written and produced and, yes, even annoying.

    I’m not going to make any personal judgments in regard to the actors in the show (and make no mistake, these guys are actors…albeit really bad actors..).

    About 10 minutes into it, I felt like I was watching a really bad episode of Scooby Doo. The lines are clearly written and when they’re read, they sound so, so fake.
    “Hey guys, look what I got over HERE!” “I wouldn’t ever expect to see anything like that!”
    I like ghost hunting shows. I LOVE them, actually. I always DVR ghost adventures and Ghost Hunters and even some of the smaller, lesser known shows where they do similar stuff. I know the premise of this is different…the fact that the actors try to DRIVE the spirits or to elicit a response by rattling them…it just doesn’t work.
    It certainly doesn’t come across as real. At all. It kind of looks like if you had college students doing a Blair Witch Project…actors acting like they’re making some documentary but the lines are delivered so stale that it just looks laughable.

    The thing I like about the other shows is the fact that at least they attempt to make it look real…in so much that when they communicate with each other it just sounds like friends talking. These guys use ‘drama voice’ when they talk to one another, they get very dramatic and it gets laughable at times.
    “I think we’re RIGHT on top of it right now!” “What the hell was that?!” “I have no idea!” (Recited as monotone and wooden as possible)

    All apologies if this offends anyone. The only reason I took the time to write this is because I was more shocked that A&E would agree to air it more than anything else. I was all excited, they’ve been promoting this for a month now and I felt had.
    That Scooby Doo comparison is the best way I can describe it to those of you who haven’t seen it. And I can imagine that real people who study paranormal activity would find this show completely offensive since it’s made into such a farce.

    Sorry Extreme Paranormal guys and A&E producers…this was horrible. On every level, unfortunately. “Dude! Something just grabbed my leg!”
    Too much drama, too fake, too cliched writing and lines and even the editing fell flat.

    Oh, well…on to the next one. Fortunately during October there is no shortage of other shows in this genre. And I have to say that Monday night on A&E is one of my favorites…Intervention, Hoarders and Paranormal State (which I LOVE and is on A&E). Even if Paranormal State isn’t real, the people are, the emotions seem genuine and the characters are likable. I hope people don’t try to group Extreme Paranormal with Paranormal State…not even in the same ballpark. Not even close.

  • SynerGenius

    Like jessikaakira, I, too, found the “Help Me” EVP suspicious. It sounded to clear to seem authentic. OTOH, if it is a genuine EVP, it seems to validate one of the premises of the show, namely, that the use of occult rituals can positively affect the probability of obtaining high quality evidence of paranormal phenomena during an investigation. As a former practitioner and student of just the sort of Goetic ritual occultism used in this episode, I have often wondered whether, if such practicies were employed, it would be useful in Ghost Hunter-type paranormal investigations. I have seen the guys on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel take part in Voodoo and Wiccan invocations to provoke such activity, and this seems to be in the same vein.

    One thing I found myself wondering about was the other people present in the investigations who we never saw, nor was their presence given the slightest acknowledgement: the other cameramen. Who was holding the camera that filmed Shaun Burris in the circle in the lake? Why wasn’t that cameral techie in the circle, too? Given how important that circle was, wasn’t it risky, even dangerous, to have someone filimg outside it? Why wasn’t the risk that THAT person took acknowledged? Could it be that these guys really don’t take such things seriously – that this is really just a TV show, and the camera person is supposed to be invisible, non-existent? On the other paranormal shows, the other, non-cast camera techs sometimes appear on the show because stuff happens to them, too. Why didn’t anything happen to the filming crew in this case? Why didn’t any of THEM feel themselves being pulled by their legs in the water?

    I like these paranormal shows, and I will give this show at least one more chance, but I can’t seem to shake the impression that this show, in particular, is bullshit.

  • jessikaakira

    I watched this show tonight (although I felt like turning the channel after the first commercial break, i watched the full hour, since I wanted to give it a chance)and I must say that I was sadly disappointed in the results. I have never in my life seen anyone who claims to be a paranoraml researcher treat spirits with such blantant disrespect. Any reputatble psychic, medium or real paranormal reseracher should be shocked and appaled at their actions. The people at the jail were killed horribly and to attempt to recreate the torture they endured was a sick and twisted way to ensure ratings, nothing more. As for the lake portion of the episode…I won’t mention how obviously fake that ‘help me’ recording was. I will say, however, that for someone who is supposed to be an occult specialist, that man had no clue what he was doing. If he was what he claimed, he’d have known how to close a circle properly. Such as shame to see that anyone can get a television show these days. I only wish I could have gotten that hour of my life back.

  • imaref

    Watched it tonight. Won’t watch it again. They are very disrespectful.


  • Skald

    respecting the unknowable,

    With all due respect, don’t you think it a little presumptuous and arrogant on your own part to take the defense of something you wholly admit we know nothing about? In a single breath you’ve stated we know nothing about what’s out there and yet your entire point is that they’re interfering with spirits attached to tragedies. What knowledge do you have of such things?

    It’s entertainment. Enjoy it for what it is or don’t watch.

    The show will be fun in the very least.

    • try respect

      No, I do not think my comments are at all presumptuous. You obviously missed my point. It’s simple: Respect.

      You ask what knowledge do I have of such things? Turns out, quite a bit. For one thing, I am a direct descendant of the victims of the Bonito Lake New Mexico tragedy being featured on the show tonight.

      First of all, my ancestors have spilled more than enough blood already. You know, like REAL blood?? That their tragedy is being exploited for sensationalized reality TV is stupid, disrespectful and wrong.

      Shows like Extreme Paranormal have the very real potential to cause undue pain for the survivors and relatives of victims of violent death, and for what? So the average hypnotized and dummied down TV viewer can get their rocks off?

      The story has already been told and re-told, and grossly distorted along the way. The only survivor and eye witness (another of my ancestors) of the tragedy had moved far away and never contributed to the stories out there, so it is all based on conjecture to begin with.

      Naturally, the ghost story aspect gained steam over time. Just as when anything horrible happens anywhere: ghost stories spring up. Does that make any of these “ghost” stories true? I doubt anybody on this forum has a clue…

      And this trend of increasingly disrespectful and aggressive paranormal shows is contributing to fast growing numbers of dumbshit copycat kids going out there causing property damage at supposedly haunted sites and invading cemeteries all over the U.S.A.


      Also, these chubby cheeked boy hosts have obviously never had any authentic contact with negative entities from the other side, cause if they had, the last thing they’d be doing now is trying to fool around with the ghosts of mass murderers. They would have already learned their lesson.

      Incidently, when the “Extreme Paranormal” researchers contacted our family, they were dishonest, hiding the fact that they were out to taunt the killer, “…daring demons to attack” and all that macho childish crap. When my relative tried to straighten the researchers out on the actual facts, it soon became apparent that the show wasn’t likely to allow the truth to get their way.

      So tonight, some bullshit super fictionalized story will go out there in the world, and for what? To feed gullible goofballs with too much time on their hands their daily dose of hype that now replaces meaningful interaction with actual people in the actual world?

      C’mon, let’s get real here. I have lived on this planet many many years, here is some advice. Go get a real life.

      Ask yourself this question, how many hours a day do you spend on meaningless entertainment via the computer, TV, cell phones, gadgets, etc? And why are you so interested in pseudo spooky stuff? Got negativity? Just what the world needs more of. Try pulling some weeds in your Mother’s garden instead, it would be far more productive and healthy. Besides, you’ll meet the other side soon enough. Life’s short, why not make something real out of it?

      By the way, if you want to know the truth about the Mayberry tragedy, google it in six months, my relative is writing the true story.

      Oh, and none of the longterm residents and fishermen who’ve lived or now live near Bonito Lake have ever had any paranormal or ghostly experiences there. The show is a sham, but you know that already, right?

      • Robspace1

        Good reply and good local information. Thanks for putting some truth out there! After watching that mess I felt like I just gave away 1 hour of my life for nothing. A complete, utter waste of time. This show is so bad it is dangerous. How many kids will try the stupid stunts shown here tonight? All the fire they used is a recipe for disaster. I can see some 9 and 10 year old boys going to some empty house that they call “haunted” and doing these “rituals”

        . When you show adults acting like this, kids will follow and this show will find itself and the people involved in court for someone getting hurt or killed. Do everyone a favor and save yourself the big problems coming by just pulling this dangerous mess off the air NOW! It’s a worthless load of crap!

        • FionaBroome

          The show isn’t a documentary of real ghost investigations. I hope it’s not intended as one.

          It seems to me that this is a silly, campy show.

          My only real concern is that kids will take it seriously and emulate “blood rituals” and summoning circles.

          That said, I researched the history of Bonito City, and I’ve compiled it at Bonito City – The Real Story, including newspaper clippings from the time of the murders.

          I’ve also included a list of nearby sites that might be worth investigating… if you’re a serious ghost researcher, that is.

          Fiona Broome, founder, HollowHill.com

  • Mike W

    I don’t know, I’m with sparkygirl on this one. I’ve heard these guys on the radio. They are funny and do some crazy things but they seem to know their stuff. To start knocking them before the show even hits the air seems a little lame. Or is this the psychic page and someone knows something the rest of us don’t.

    It’s paranormal TV so I’m not getting my hopes up too much but who knows. Listening to them on the radio, I don’t think it will be like any other show out there.

    • krawlingkhaos

      I don’t think anyone is saying it will be a bad show, just that in concept it seems like a bad idea, equivalent to if someone created a television show where they went to zoos, got into the cages, and poked dangerous animals with sticks. It could be highly entertaining and very well done and the hosts could be experts in their field, but keep poking long enough and eventually things are going to go really bad. Same thing here; it seems like its not a matter of “if” but “when.”

  • respecting the unknowable


    Furthermore: to you little minded goofy boys – just what gives you the right to mess around with these “demons” anyway? Do you even give a dam about the other spirits connected to the tragedies you are exploiting? Your youth, arrogance and inexperience really shows here, that you’d even think this is an OK idea.

  • respecting the unknowable

    Extreme Paranormal? The depths to which reality TV will sink is amazing. This show, and this premise of “provoking demons to attack” is disrespectful at a minimum and possibly dangerous. Shaun, Jason and Nathan obviuosly have no repsect for things they can’t possibly understand. We know very little about the universe (or the other side), and I agree with person who said “Put the stick down and back away form the hornet nest”. Frankly, I don’t get horror stuff anyway, what’s the point in bringing more fear and negativity into the world?

  • sparkygirl

    These guys rock! Those of you who haven’t heard their radio show obviously wouldn’t know what a hoot this show is going to be, so quit dissing what you’re clueless about before evening checking it out!

  • Mellis

    I am looking forward to this show, sounds like it could be very entertaining–of course, it all depends on how it is handled, but the premise sounds interesting and certainly it will be livelier than shows such as Ghost Hunters.

  • Psypest

    Good gravy when will these crappy shows cease?! A Haunting was okay, but only because it came off more like an anthology.

  • PrairieGhost

    This show is basically like Ghost Adventures that is on The Travel Channel. http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Ghost_Adventures

  • krawlingkhaos

    I don’t know much about the paranormal (not really sure I believe in it), but doesn’t this just seem like a bad idea? I say put the stick down and back away from the hornets’ nest.

    • AriesofPitt

      That’s no fun!!!!! I say knock the hornets nest down then kick the mother f’er around a little. Heck, put up a goal let’s play soccer with the sucker!! LOL