Tetsuo: The Iron Man Returns — In English!

Tetsuo: The Iron Man Returns -- In English!Japanese production company Kaiju Theater, along with its production and distribution partner Asmik Ace Entertainment, today announced the launch of a new film, tentatively called Tetsuo Project, directed by Japan’s sci-fi master Shinya Tsukamoto, to be delivered later this year. Asmik Ace will introduce the project to the industry in Cannes. 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Tetsuo franchise.

After the international success of the 2 films of the franchise, Tsukamoto was offered by Quentin Tarantino to write a new version of Tetsuo set in the United States, to be produced by Tarantino. The project, then called Tetsuo America, was never produced due to Tsukamoto’s creative uncertainty of whether his concept and character of the franchise would be set and work in the vast continent of America.

Recently Tsukamoto revisited the plot he had wrote for Tarantino, and decided to write the script based on it, but this time set in Tokyo. With Shinichi Kawahara of Kaiju Theater and Masayuki Tanishima of Asmik Ace producing, Tsukamoto directs the new installment of the Tetsuo franchise form this script. The principal photography, which took 1 year, has been wrapped, and the project is now in post production. The delivery is expected to be in the summer. It is shot in English, and is written, shot, lighted, art-directed, edited and directed by Tsukamoto, who also acts in the film opposite Eric Bossick who plays the title role.

On making the announcement, Tanishima commented: “I am extremely thrilled to bring this new cyber-punk project from Tokyo to the global audience. I call this project a ‘solid metal psychic battle action thriller.’ This is a totally new Tetsuo for the 21st century.”

Official Synopsis
“The life of an ordinary American businessman living in Tokyo with his Japanese wife and a three-year-old son, changes forever after a sudden tragedy. His extreme anger turns his body metallic to fight at a ultrafast speed against a mysterious evil in the dynamically-changing city of Tokyo.”

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  • Kyle Reese

    I just saw the first one 2-3 weeks ago….REALLY great stuff for such a “one man show”.

    Interested to see how this would turn out, I really liked the claustrophobic feeling the first one had, haven’t seen the 2nd one yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

  • Grave-Danger

    Can American audiences handle a drill penis?

  • Caterpillar

    I hope Tarantino doesn’t have an acting part in this film. He was awful enough in Miike’s SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO. I know Tsukamoto speaks English well enough but I have to wonder about the rest of the cast. The past has proven that Japanese actors and actresses delivering lines they don’t understand and only memorized phonetically does not lead to bearable results.

  • Vermithrax

    Holy crap! I can’t believe this! Tetsuo is my favorite movie! Tsukamoto has been saying for years that he was going to make an American Tetsuo but I never figured it would actually get done, wow.

    Judging from the plot though it looks like it will be more like Tetsuo II: Bodyhammer then the superior original, oh well…its another freaking Tsukamoto movie which in itself is awesome!