CBS Casts Away Harper’s Island to Saturday

Harper's Island (click for larger image)It may not have won over a lot of Dread Central readers’ hearts, but “Harper’s Island” isn’t doing so poorly that it’s being canceled. However, CBS is moving the show to Saturday night … not exactly a ringing endorsement.

According to a story in today’s Variety, the network will begin airing the show on Saturdays at 9:00 PM. The word is that “Harper’s” got a reprieve from outright cancellation thanks to its live-plus-seven Nielsen ratings, which exhibited solid DVR interest in the show’s premiere, and it also earned a healthy online streaming audience.

Personally, I’ve been rather enjoying the series and am glad to see it’s being allowed to run its course, which is most likely a result of the fact that all 13 episodes have already been produced and edited.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Lunablix

    I watched like the first episode and then missed the second one and tried to watch the third one but was a bit lost. It’s an interesting show. And I like how I recognize all the Supernatural extras and co-stars.

  • CrimsonKing82

    I love how studios wont give a show a chance to find its footing. Hell I’m a dedicated gore hound and I started watching this with the wife, and its something we can watch together and actually enjoy. Sure its not going to please every horror fan, but it’s a neat concept if executed properlly, and I was actually shocked at what CBS was allowed to show. That was my biggest concern, yet in the first episode a body is torn in half and shown! I hope they let it play out and end the series in full. Not sure what the hell they where planning to do with a season 2, as it kind of seems like a one shot, unless they did a compleatly different story, with different characters. And hell after the Fear Itself shitshow of last year, this was a bit of fresh air.

    • The Woman In Black

      I don’t think they were ever planning a season two. It’s always seemed to be a one-time thing, like the miniseries we used to see on TV all the time back in the day.

      • xfoley8

        I’m sure if it was successful enough they would continue it. I thought I read somewhere that they would just set the next story in a different locale- Harper’s ‘Whatever’, or something along those lines.

        Considering it already seems to be struggling, I doubt they will follow through, at any rate. I noticed it ranked in the Top 20 the week of its debut in Entertainment Weekly- must have dropped off a bit for the following weeks. They really should give it more time to find it’ audience, rather than moving it around already, but that 10:00 pm Thursday slot is very important to the networks. They certainly promoted the hell out of it (though not as annoyingly as ‘Southland’).

        It’s good, dumb fun- pure entertainment with no message or social commentary (other than the old class struggle).

  • kiddcapone

    Figures…the first show in a long time that caught my interest and I look forward to every week and it’s getting the shaft. They better not outright cancel it..

  • FilmCritic3000

    “CBS – Fuck This Genre Shit, Let’s Air More Banal, Generic Crime Shows!”