James Marsters Battles High Plains Invaders

Having just portrayed an alien invader is the deplorable Dragonball: Evolution, perhaps James Marsters starring in a Syfy movie about alien bugs attacking a Wild West town might actually be a step up. Dust off your cowboy hats, folks, ’cause here come the High Plains Invaders.

High Plains Invaders casts the former Spike of “Buffy” and “Angel” as Sam Danville, a guilt-ridden outlaw who arrives in a small Old West town to be executed for his various crimes. Just before he’s to be hanged, voracious giant bugs from outer space fall to earth to gorge themselves on the uranium deposits found in the town’s ground. Danville finds himself the reluctant leader of a small group of townsfolk against the extraterrestrial insect onslaught.

James Marsters Battles High Plains Invaders

Included in that group is a nurse who also happens to the woman Danville regretfully abandoned years earlier, a scientist who discovered the uranium mine attracting the space bugs, a fellow prisoner with his own designs on the uranium ore, and a fast-talking, fast-shooting bounty hunter.

Actor/video game voice actor/TV director Kristoffer Tabori helms the script for this alien western by Richard Beattie (Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil) being produced by Canada’s Muse Entertainment. RHI Entertainment will handle the distribution side of things, but we all know at the end of the day this is a film destined for Syfy later this year.

For the record, Romania doubles for the American West.

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