Halo-8 Acquires Ramzi Abed’s In a Spiral State

Eli RothTwo words that are near and dear to my heart are “metaphysical” and “psychedelic”, and Ramzi Abed’s new film In a Spiral State promises to be both. Along with drug-addled and mindbending. Who’s making such proclamations? Who else but Halo-8 Entertainment, one of the few companies around that still manages to create and distribute daring new films.

And In a Spiral State, described as a meditation on Hollywood self-destruction, angelic interventions, and the string theory, sounds nothing if not daring. Here’s a brief synopsis:

In a Spiral State portrays Los Angeles through the eyes of Daya (Ofri Fuchs), an angel who’s become mesmerized by the city’s interconnected yet utterly isolated inhabitants, particularly its struggling and flawed artists, frauds, drug addicts, and murderers. A second angel Gadi (Adam Meir) is unable to prevent Daya from interfering in their lives, as this empathetic angel is drawn into the frightening and twisted machinations of the city’s underbelly.

Along with Fuchs and Meir, the film stars Bianca Barnett, Lizzy Strain, model Juliana Fine, Mae Moreno, GWAR’s Messy Stench, and Elissa Dowling. We first became aware of director Ramzi Abed as a result of his previous feature, the stylishly surreal The Devil’s Muse (review), and according to Halo-8’s President, Matt Pizzolo, “Ramzi has pushed the creative and dramatic envelope even farther, taking his unique brand of bold, inventive, sociopathic filmmaking to the next level. We’re honored that he’s chosen once again to take Halo-8 down the rabbit hole with him.

Abed, Pizzolo, and several other members of the Halo-8 contingency will be out in full force at the upcoming LA Fango Weekend of Horrors; be sure to stop by and say hello.

Debi Moore

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