Zombie Apocalypse Coming: First Look!

Zombie Apocalypse Coming: First Look!The new wave of zombie videogame goodness continues with Zombie Apocalypse, due from Konami in September on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

ZA serves up undead mayhem with a heavy arcade bent. Think Robotron 2084 with zombies and chainsaws and you get the general idea. Using a two-stick control scheme, you dish out cranial damage by the bucketload as your characters are swarmed by huge waves of zombies.

With four playable characters and 55 days of survival to play through, that’s an awful lot of potential mayhem.

Check out IGN’s in-depth write-up of Zombie Apocalypse for more gruesome details, and stay tuned to Dread Central for more news on this one as it becomes available!

Mr. Dark

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  • Dane_Juras

    This game is the $50 version of Burn Zombie Burn. That game is so fun and addictive. On-line co-op would be fun for that game even if this does is it worth the extra $40?

  • Gus Bjork

    What about a strategy game that’s goal was to rebuild a city or town after the zombies destroyed civilization? Less frantic than shoot shoot kill kill and more thoughtful with hopefully a strong degree of suspense. That would be my bent. Although shooting the beejezus out of rampaging zombie hordes sure is fun.

  • Justin Warren

    Maybe it’s just me, but this game looks like it kind of takes itself too seriously. I keep hoping that one day we’ll get a next gen Zombies Ate My Neighbors kind of game. (And that Burn Zombies Burn doesn’t quite do it for me)