Trailer for The Taken

Another trailer chock full of indie goodness hit online today in the form of Richard Valentine’s Liam-less horror opus The Taken.

Said trailer hit today on the official The Taken site along with lots of other goodies! No word on distro yet, but we’ll be watching!

Official Synopsis
“Six strangers, taken against their will, wake up to find themselves prisoners of a masked psychopath. One by one the abductees are ripped from their restraints and hauled away, only to fall victim to their captor’s demented experiments. But, just when you think it’s game over for his victims, they are offered a cruel chance of escape. Now free from their confines, the remaining captives must venture out into the endless labyrinth of corridors and find a way out before the madman can bring them under his scalpel.”

Uncle Creepy

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