Satan Will C Me Dance This Weekend!

Satan Will C Me Dance This Weekend!I swear to you the following story is not an April Fool’s joke. There really is a PG-rated Christian-themed horror flick based around the world of ballet dancing entitled C Me Dance opening in very limited release this Friday. Seriously. I swear on a stack of bibles this is no joke.

I didn’t even know C Me Dance existed until I was looking up movie times for films opening at a local theater on Friday and saw the title listed. I assumed it was just going to be another teen dance flick until I Googled it and discovered it was the latest piece of Christsploitation hoping to follow on the heels of the surprise success of Kirk Cameron’s Fireproof.

Written and directed by “Pastor” Greg Robbins, C Me Dance is an “inspiring story of spiritual warfare” about 17-year old Sheri, raised by her hard-working, God-fearing father after mom was killed in a car accident. Her dream to one day dance for the Pittsburgh Ballet shatters when she collapses during a rehearsal and is diagnosed with a terminal blood disease. Feeling betrayed by the Lord, Sheri begins rebelling. Her father sets out to keep her on the right path with God and help her live out her ballet dream before dying. One night after an extensive prayer session asking God for strength and the clarity as to what He wants Sheri to do for Him before dying, a miracle happens that causes Sheri to be able to bring people to Christ with absolutely no effort at all. Infuriated, the Devil himself sets out to put a stop to Sheri, her rejuvenated love for Christ, and her new-found instant conversion skills, leading to a battle between good and evil.

In other words, this movie and its message sound about as subtle as a Passion of the Christ torture scene. But the Dove Foundation scored the film a four out of five so it’s clearly going to be one of those movies that preaches to the converted. I did find a “Marketing Note” on the C Me Dance website I found rather amusing:

This movie is a chick flick with a manifested menacing devil. This will attract a wide demo of men and women.

Oh, something tells me not nearly as wide as Pastor Greg thinks.

One look at the trailer for C Me Dance already leads me to believe I might have been a tad too hard on the other recent Christan-based horror outings Thr3e and House, both of which had a professional polish to the filmmaking; this just looks like some cheap made-for-Trinity Broadcasting television production. There also looks to be a good reason why the movie isn’t called C Me Act.

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  • Christian

    I’ve seen this movie recently. I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised to see a clean movie that had suspense, drama and action. No matter what you do on a Sunday, this movie will be entertaining. Sure it might not have had the $100 Million dollar budget that Hollywood usually produces, but I can tell you it didn’t have other things too. For example, it didn’t have sex, swearing, nudity, innuendo’s, blood, gore, senseless violence and the typical garbage that the majority of ticket buyers sell their souls for every Friday.

    A movie screen is a very powerful tool. For Christians, passing along a positive message is always a good thing and a responsibility. Why not the positive word of God? After seeing this film, if a non-believer or someone who has strayed from God starts asking questions to a friend or someone who has accepted the Lord, budget or no budget, it is worth the effort. I imagine the producers of this film were not thinking about Hollywood when they were making this movie. That’s the point.

    The movie is not marketed at the theater as a Christian film. Even though it is a Christian production, God is only the message, don’t ignore the storyline. It is well written and holds up its own with the recipe of a good story. I can tell anyone that it does not use scare tactics to convert anyone and I saw no evidence of spiritual warfare. These terms have been unfairly used in this blog. This is yet another example of making assumptions before you find out the facts. The devil in the movie is portrayed not as a main character but more as a symbol of the young girls fear. So, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. This might be the only case that seeing is believing!

    Still, after all the negative comments that these bloggers and commentary have spread on the net, they are trashing a good movie that they never seen. Doesn’t anyone think twice to question that? Does that make sense to anyone? Go see it for yourself. You be the judge and don’t let anyone dictate or make decisions for you. Find out for yourself what the movie is all about. It is by no means a Bible thumping flick, but a true good spirited, entertaining 89 minutes. Truthfully, it only leads me to conclude that the negative people in these blogs have a real need to see this movie.

    If it is a Hollywood $100 Million+ film that you demand, then I will stand proud outside of the stuck up Starbuck’s line. Movies do not have to be blockbusters or have high over exceeding budgets to be a good picture to see. Can anyone tell me the last time you could take the whole family to see a film without slamming into any of the uncomfortable situations that are named above? Cartoon animations don’t count. Anyone? Anyone? Take a second to think about. It’s sad.

    I’m suggesting to anyone reading this to step out of their assimilated Hollywood, Starbucks line and grow a little intellectually and maybe a little spiritually. If you are one of the negative commentators, please stand up and show us all that you are the bigger person. Just don’t sit there behind your laptop eating Doritos in your three day old T shirt and completely afraid of something new and nothing to do with yourself but be negative to things you have never seen or experienced. See the light…it’s just outside your bedroom door. Go toward the light.

    One more thing. Trailers are meant for “teasing” potential audiences. A commercial. It is designed to entice or intrigue people. Today, more times than not, after watching a trailer on TV, you almost come away with the entire storyline. Why do that? If I was going to skip a movie, it would because of those trailers. Then again, I never judge a book by it cover.


  • pghgirl

    C Me Dance is not a horror film, it is a FAITH based film! Though most of the actors live in Pittsburgh where the movie was filmed and not Hollywood, they brought with them a stronge belief in god. And no NOT one of the actors works at Staples. The lead girl DID NOT dance in the movie, that was a double who is a Professional dancer!!

    This film was not meant to be scary! The devil in this movie was played by Peter Kent, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double in the Terminator movies. If you see the movie you’ll understand that the devil presented himself to Sheri, the lead, in the way that most scared her.

    The message I got from this film is the need to remind people that faith is one thing we need and once we have it nobody can take it away from us.

    • Gus Bjork

      Not even the Hamburgler? He’s clever and stealthy.

  • FilmCritic3000

    The guy playing Satan looks like he escaped from playing the villain in a Cynthia Rothrock movie.

    And I see the cast found time to shoot this film in between their shifts at Staples.

    Why isn’t this just airing on television?

  • Sirand

    I’m speechless. I think my uncle could have played a scarier Satan.
    And the way she’s dancing, maybe the Devil is trying to do us all a favor.

    This looks to be the most unintentionally hilarious Christian movie since that one about the guy who time travels to the future to convert all of us hethens.

  • Styling Shatner

    Oh God… pun intended. It at least looks to have a better release than The 13th Alley, a movie that I’ll forever wait for it to come to DVD, as I’m peeved I missed out seeing it on the big screen.

    As for this, it looks as dopey as that Sarah Landon movie, but the lead girl doesn’t look too bad… I’ll be anxious to read the review for this, as it’s probably howlingly bad.