New Beverly Cinema

Here's Your Invitation to Come Join Leatherface for a 35mm Screening this Saturday

I've been a fan of Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Masscare III since it was released, but a lot of you have washed you hands of it for some reason. Those of you in the Los Angeles area have a chance to reappraise it this weekend at the New Beverly Cinema.

Child's Play 2 Screens on 35mm This Saturday at the New Bev

If you're a horror fan in the Los Angeles area, then the New Beverly Cinema has probably had your weekend plans covered once or twice. This Saturday it's a 35mm screening of 1990's Child's Play 2, complete with a pre-movie Q&A with awesome guests.

Ultra-Rare Producer's Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Screens on 35mm This Saturday at the New Bev

In the Los Angeles area and looking to celebrate the fast approaching Halloween holiday? The New Bev has your weekend plans! Screening for the first time since 1995, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is ready to bestow the mark of Thorn upon us all!

NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on July 27th

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you happen to be in the mood for some mediocre Friday the 13th action this weekend, you might be interested in a midnight revival screening of the Paramount era's darkest day!

NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of The Howling on June 1st

I envy my CA friends a lot, but never more than when a 35 mm screening of a personal favorite is shown. Which means I usually spend about one weekend a month cursing my poor choice in geographical locale. CA-based Dread readers - I implore you - go see this one in my stead!

NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of Final Destination 2 on March 16th

This weekend the New Beverly Cinema, in partnership with Horror Movie a Day, will feature a 35mm screening of Final Destination 2 as part of its ongoing midnight series. It's the tenth anniversary of the popular horror sequel, which is regarded by many fans as the best in the franchise.

See Halloween II on 35mm This Saturday at the New Bev

Attention Los Angeles area…be on the lookout for a strange individual wielding a large butcher knife wearing what appears to be a modified William Shatner mask. That's right, Michael Myers is coming to the City of Angels this Saturday with a screening of Halloween II at the New Bev.

Mondo Releases Badass Halloween Posters in Time for Screening!

Just in time for the Debra Hill Film Festival, Mondo has released two posters in celebration of the event for the horror epic Halloween and they perfectly capture the look, feel, and spirit of the film like no other.

Debra Hill Film Festival Coming to L.A.

Make no mistake about it; the late Debra Hill is very much an icon in the industry, having helped to bring some of the most beloved films in our genre and beyond to audiences everywhere. Now, thanks to the PGA, she's getting honored with her own film festival.

NewBev to Present Midnight Showing of There's Nothing Out There, May 26

The New Beverly Cinema will be featuring a rare 35mm screening of There's Nothing Out There for their next Midnight Movie. Produced in 1989, the film has been called a precursor to Scream with teens being terrorized and one of them knowing all the "rules" to horror.

Classics on the Big Screen! Hey LA, Check Out Christine This Weekend at the New Bev

There's nothing quite like turning back the clock and revisiting some of your favorite classic horror on the big screen on original 35mm prints. Only a shitter wouldn't appreciate that.

Grindhouse Film Festival at New Beverly Cinema in LA, April 10

We know this is pretty late notice, but you West Coasters still have time to make it to the Grindhouse Film Festival at the New Beverly Cinema this Tuesday, April 10th, at 7:30 pm. Look at this unique lineup they've got for you.

CONTEST CLOSED! In or Near LA? Attend a Special Screening of Bellflower with Cast Members and More!

Dread Central and Oscilloscope Laboratories have teamed up to invite our Los Angeles readers to a preview screening of Bellflower on Tuesday, August 2nd, at the New Beverly Cinema. Read on for the details, including some very special guests.

In L.A. This Weekend? Don't Miss Your Chance to See Demons and Demons 2 on the Big Screen!

Direct to video is great, and some would argue that some of the best stuff is coming out straight to the home market. But the classics -- the ones that had their first life IN the theater -- they deserve to be seen that way. At least once. And if you are a real horror fan, you owe it to yourself to see the classics in the theater whenever possible. The group experience can't be beat.

Update on the Boobs & Blood Film Festival

A few months back we gave you the first scoop on a brand new festival called the Boobs and Blood International Film Festival, and now that it is almost upon us, we thought we would check back in to get all the newest details!