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Exclusive Interview: Actor Frank Grillo Discusses The Grey, Complicated Bad Guys, Eating Wolf and More

Actor Frank Grillo is relishing these past few years of his career. Not only did he recently star opposite Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte in the critically acclaimed flick Warrior, but he's already earning rave reviews for his star-turning performance opposite Liam Neeson in Joe Carnahan's The Grey, which hits theaters this Friday, January 27th.

The Dark Tide Crashes in With Distribution

We've been talking about the Halle Berry vs. sharks flick Dark Tide for over a year now, and finally after chumming the waters for many months, a studio bit and is giving it distro!

Exclusive Interview: Joe Carnahan on The Grey, Why There Won't Be an A-Team 2 and More!

Writer/director Joe Carnahan might not be known for making emotional powerhouse type films, but with his latest, The Grey, he's looking to step beyond Hollywood's perceptions of his career and show off a different side of himself as a filmmaker.

Several New Clips from The Grey

Fans of Liam Neeson and survival horror will no doubt be super interested in feasting their eyes upon several new clips from The Grey, and we've got 'em all right here with all the fixings! Dig in!

New Artwork for The Grey Comes Running

One flick we're really looking forward to around these parts is The Grey. Any flick featuring Liam Neeson wrapping his fists in broken glass and taking on wild animals is okay with us! Dig on the latest artwork right here!

The Grey - New Clip Premieres Along with Our Review

Okay, kids, strap in! We've got two times the goodies in store for you right now. Not only is there a brand spanking new clip from The Grey, but our early review of the flick has touched down as well!

Grey, The (2012)

Starring Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, James Badge Dale, Joe Anderson, Dallas Roberts Directed by Joe Carnahan

Highly Acclaimed New Trailer for The Millennium Bug

We've been talking about the little indie flick The Millennium Bug (review here) for a long while around these parts, and with good reason ... it's a fun (if not a bit confused) little flick that's home to practical effects, mutant hillbillies, and giant monsters. What's not to like? A new trailer just debuted packing some buzz for the flick! Check it out!

Twitter Trailer for The Grey Makes Some Noise Online

A brand new Twitter teaser trailer for Joe Carnahan's The Grey has made its way online, and being the eagle-eyed beautiful bastards that we are, we found it and have it for your hungry peepers right here!

Trailer Two for The Grey Fights for Survival

We don't know about you guys, but a movie whose premise features Liam Neeson having a broken glass Tai Pei death match with wild animals in the middle of a snowstorm is enough to get our asses into a theatre. Need more coaxing? Dig on the all new trailer for The Grey!

Chew on this Trailer for Jurassic Shark

It was barely a month ago when we told you about Brett Kelly’s Jurassic Shark. Now there’s a trailer for the low budget sharktacular that hopes to give you even more of the bikini babes getting chomped by a giant shark action you all know and love.

Lions and Hyenas and the Kalahari Desert! Oh My!

Never mind vampires, werewolves, fishmen, and the sort. There are plenty of real life man-eating monsters roaming the planet right now, and that's exactly what filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil is hoping to exploit with his survival horror movie Kalahari.

Chilly New Images from The Grey

Bundle up, kids. It's time to walk you through a winter horrorland with some new imagery coming in for Joe Carnahan's chilling new survival horror flick, The Grey.

AFM 2011: Mega Badass Sales Art for Mega Spider

One flick we're dying to see around these parts is the latest creature feature from madman Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) entitled Mega Spider, and after seeing this new one-sheet, we're pretty sure you're gonna feel the same way!