Nature Run Amok

New Trailer, Stills, and Release Info for Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast

It's been several months since we've gotten an update on Sam Qualiana's Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, but now the film has its premiere screening scheduled, a festival date in the works, and a brand new trailer.

The Grey Continues its Hunt on Blu-ray and DVD

Missed the harrowing new flick The Grey (review here) during its theatrical run? Shame on you! You missed out! Well, now you can fix that problem by digging into your pockets and nabbing a Blu-ray or DVD!

Sail Away with Some New Clips from Dark Tide

Playing now on VOD is the Halle Berry shark thriller Dark Tide, and we've got a few clips on tap to help you attract those nasty maneaters! Check 'em out!

Want to Avoid Zombification? Mission Blue Says Avoid the Puffer Fish

Clairvius Narcisse had been feeling ill for some time. At a local hospital in the Haitian town of Deschapelle, he complained to his doctors of fever, body aches, and vomiting. His condition rapidly deteriorated, and two days later, on May 2, 1962, he fell into a comatose state and soon died.

New Clip from Dark Tide for You to Digest

Looking forward to Lionsgate's release of the new shark thriller starring the gorgeous Halle Berry? No? Then maybe this latest clip can chum your waters a bit. Dig it!

Dark Tide to Make a Splash on DVD and Blu-ray in April

With a VOD launch headed your way in March, we finally have all the details regarding Dark Tide's Blu-ray and DVD release. Read on for the latest.

A Release Date for Dark Tide Washes Ashore

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a date for when we'll all be able to see Halle Berry sleep with the fishes, or swim with man-eaters, or feed a rich douche to a pack of hungry sharks. Either way we're there!

Official Trailer for Dark Tide Swims In

A toothy full trailer is now swimming its way through the Interwebs' waves for the new Halle Berry vs. sharks flick, Dark Tide, and we've chummed the waters and lured it right here for you to dig on!

A Berry Generic One-Sheet for Dark Tide

Yep, someone just shit this one out. No style. No flair. Not even Halle Berry in a bikini can save this one-sheet from being bland. Pack up your Photoshop and go home please.

Jurassic Shark Trailer Now With Actual Shark Attack Footage

When last we heard about Brett Kelly’s Jurassic Shark, it was the end of November when the first trailer surfaced – a trailer for a killer shark movie with very little shark in it. This new trailer is more or less the same but with the computerized shark actually doing more than just swimming about.

Halle Berry Swims with the Fishes in Latest Dark Tide Teaser

We've been looking forward to the Halle Berry vs. sharks flick Dark Tide for a while now. A couple of weeks ago we told you that the flick landed distro, and today a teaser swam in! Check it out.

Exclusive Interview: Actor Dallas Roberts on Once in a Lifetime Chances, Male Bonding and More for The Grey

Now playing in theatres is Joe Carnahan's wildly thrilling The Grey (review here), which follows a small group of oil drillers forced to survive in the Alaskan wilderness after suffering a horrific plane crash. One by one nature – as well as a clever pack of wolves – begins to leave its mark on the group as they continue to face insurmountable odds stacking up against them.

Exclusive Interview: Actor Joe Anderson on The Grey, ABC's The River and More

In Joe Carnahan's survivalist thriller The Grey, Joe Anderson plays loudmouth oil rigger Todd Flannery, who always manages to rub his co-workers the wrong way with his less-than-appropriate comments. However, once their plane goes down, Flannery and the rest of the survivors - played by Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Nonso Anozie, Ben Bray and James Badge Dale - are forced to work together to endure both the harsh wintry terrain where they landed as well as a pack of deadly wolves whose feeding grounds the group unknowingly stumble upon.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Grey

Time to go behind-the-scenes of this weekend's toothy entry into the survival horror subgenre, The Grey. We have several new videos on tap for you right here!

The Grey Video Soundbites - Hear from Liam Neeson and More!

You want videos from The Grey? We have enough on tap here to cover a snowy mountaintop that's just begging to be hit by an airplane. That means, yeah, we have a lot of them for ya! Check it out!