Nature Run Amok

Birdemic Flocks to the UK

Film fans in the UK will soon be able to feast their eyes on the sheer brain-melting cinematic incompetence of James Nguyen’s “modern classic” Birdemic as Severin Films today announced the UK premiere will take place at The Curzon Soho in London on May 28th.

Killer Bees Cause the French to Panique

Got an email from tipster Avery about a new French TV killer bee movie called Panique!, and after viewing the trailer, I still don't quite know what to make of it.

Sales Art and Bizarro Clip - Junk Gets Revenge in Rubber

"Some say a comet will fall from the sky. Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves. Followed by faultlines that cannot sit still. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits. Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon." Yep. Gotta agree with Maynard. The end just may be near! But in the new clip from Rubber, a whole new kind of antagonist is getting set to take us all down.

Birdemic on CBS Sunday Morning; 3D Sequel Birdemic: The Resurrection Coming Summer 2011

We've seen a lot of strange pairings in our day, but Bill Geist of the "Sunday Morning" show and Birdemic director James Nguyen take the cake! Yet, there they were yesterday on CBS talking about whether or not Nguyen has, in fact, crafted "The Worst Movie Ever Made".

More Sucker Goodness Slips Online

With Michael (Babysitter Wanted) Manasseri's new flick Sucker in full swing, all sorts of goodness has been popping up online, and we've got your road map to see it all!

Birdemic: Shock and Terror Review! The Bad Movie Event of the Decade?!?

Nothing can prepare you for Birdemic: Shock and Terror. A movie so outlandishly bad that all you can do is watch in stunned silence in between the moments of absolute side-splitting hilarity. Words cannot accurately describe the type of experience this is, but damnit we tried!

A Trailer Filled with Burning Bright Horror

We've all seen home invasion flicks before, but what if said invader this time around was a ... was a ... well, yes, what if it was a tiger? We're not talking about a CGI animal either; we mean a real life flesh and blood maneater! We know! We are giddy, too!

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne, Adam Sessa, and five seconds of stock footage of Tippi Hedren from a previous film Written and directed by James Nguyen, Master of Romantic Thrillers™

Deformities Run Amok in New Stills From The Millennium Bug

Some more stills of ... well ... let's just say really odd things have surfaced today for the Cran Brothers' latest film, The Millennium Bug, and we have your hot ticket to a gaggle of misshapen goodness!

First Images From Sucker

The first two images from Michael (Babysitter Wanted) Manasseri's new flick featuring a Man-squito, entitled Sucker, have popped up online, and we have them for you free of any nagging itching.

The World is Gripped by Birdemic: Shock and Terror! New Theatre Listings, Trailer, and More!

Having just seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror, we can honestly say that it's like nothing you've ever experienced. Words completely failed me by the film's end, and I was sure of only one thing - I had just had the funniest, most awesomely bad experience of my entire life!

Mega Piranha (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Paul Logan, Tiffany, Barry Williams, David Labiosa, Jude Gerard Priest, Jesse Daly Written and directed by Eric Forsberg

Snakes on a Plane Director Bringing Us Sharks in 3D in Shark Night

David R. Ellis must really like 3D. He must also really like movies about killer animals. What better way to follow-up Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination 3D than with Shark Night 3D, a film that hopes to succeed where Jaws 3D so epically failed.

The Millennium Bug Brings Mayhem and Carnage

Who knows what horrors can be wrought by The Millennium Bug? We're not talking about that sissy Y2K stuff, folks! Although we do fondly remember when people were all but hiding under their tables because computer programmers lacked the foresight to teach their mega-machines to actually count! Ah, good times! Where were we? Oh yes -- the new indie creature feature The Millennium Bug!

A Trailer for Thailand's The Intruder Slithers Our Way

Things slithering out of Thailand labeled The Intruder can bring many dirty things to mind, but rest assured we're talking straight up horror here of the fanged variety! There's a new giant snake film on the block, and this scaly bastard is pissed off! Check out the plot crunch and the trailer for The Intruder below. Look for more soon. Synopsis