NARR8 Adds New Horror Series Prime Blood to its Mobile Platform

NARR8 is an interactive book series for mobile devices that delivers some incredible content. We've covered several of NARR8's genre tales in the past and are pleased to tell you that they've now added a series entitled Prime Blood that looks right up our alley.

NARR8 Takes The Story To Android Devices

NARR8 has revealed that you can now get your favorite interactive horror and sci-fi stories on your Android devices. Experience reading your content like never before with the tap of the screen. Read on to learn more.

NARR8 Hits The App Store With Great Valentine's Day Content

The free iPad App NARR8 is now on the App store and is arriving on Android on February 19th. Get your favorite horror comics and interactive tales straight to your mobile devices. Celebrate Valentine's Day with NARR8 with fun events, contests and content! Read on to learn more.

NARR8 Collaborates with Author Vadim Panov to Adapt Russian Book Series The Secret City

Talk about breathing some magic into a taleā€¦the digital storytellers at NARR8 have brought bestselling Russian author Vadim Panov into the fold to collaborate on a new project involving his massive work The Secret City.

NARR8 Now Alive and Twitching on the App Store

We've been telling you about NARR8 for a while now, and the time is finally here for you to check it out for yourself. Get ready to experience tales of terror in a brand new way. Read on for all the latest details.

Exclusive: NARR8 Brings the Scares with New Interactive Novel Fear Hunters

New advances in technology are allowing storytellers to spin their yarns in exciting new ways. NARR8 is currently doing just that and they've got a horror tale they're just dying for you to get you into. Say hello to the Fear Hunters.

NARR8 - Bringing Interactive Horror to Your iPad

Technology never ceases to amaze us. The days of carrying around large heavy books are going the way of the Wooly Mammoth, and our planet's trees couldn't be happier and healthier! A new company called NARR8 is ready to bring some interactive terrors to your reading tablets and we have the details.