Muse Watson

Exclusive Artwork Premiere - Compound Fracture

We've been talking about Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) for a while now, and finally we can announce that the film will be hitting home video on May 13th. Check out this exclusive look at the artwork, and look for the official details soon!

Traci Lords Heats Things Up on Penance Lane

More casting news has come in for Mane Entertainment's upcoming film, Penance Lane... the infamous Traci Lords has joined the ever growing cast and even recorded a video message to celebrate. No, not that kind of video. That was a long time ago.

Tyler Mane Takes an Ax to New Penance Lane Poster

And the steady stream of Penance Lane related news keeps flowing on in. Up next we have a new teaser one-sheet for the flick that features the big man himself, Tyler Mane, front and center. Check it out!

FX Artist Vincent Guastini Heads Down Penance Lane

Joining an already star-studded cast and crew, makeup FX artist Vincent Guastini is the latest addition to Penance Lane, which is currently being funded through Indiegogo.

Dokken and Megadeth Musicians Bringing the Metal to Penance Lane

Good news for those of you out there looking forward to Penance Lane! Music icons George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and James LoMenzo (Megadeth, White Lion, Black Label Society) are teaming to handle the film's score.

Muse Watson Heads to Penance Lane

Everyone's favorite fisherman Muse Watson is bringing his unique skill set to the new flick from Mane Entertainment, Penance Lane, and the powers-that-be have prepped an announcement video for you cats.

Level 33 Entertainment Gets a Compound Fracture

Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) has scored itself a distro deal with Level 33 Entertainment, and we cannot wait to finally be able to see this bad boy whenever we want to! Read on for details.

More Compound Fracture Screenings Happening; New Stills

Big man Tyler Mane (aka Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween I & II) is making three more stops on the theatrical road. Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture will be playing ONE NIGHT ONLY venues in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio! Read on for details and new stills!

Tyler Mane and Mane Entertainment Announce 70-City Tour for Compound Fracture

Big man Tyler Mane (aka Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake and its sequel) is taking his newest show on the road. Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review here) will be embarking on a 70-city tour... your only chance to see the film on the big screen.

Compound Fracture (2012)

Starring Tyler Mane, Renae Geerlings, Derek Mears, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook Directed by Anthony Rickert-Epstein

AFM 2012 Trailer Debut: Trick or Treat; It's Time for a First Look at Compound Fracture!

Get ready, kiddies. Michael Myers has a treat for you just in time for Halloween! This evening Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's Halloween 1 & 2, X-Men) dropped us a line to let us know that he just posted the first trailer for his upcoming indie horror flick Compound Fracture.

Stare Down a New One-Sheet for Compound Fracture

Some new eye candy for Compound Fracture starring Tyler Mane (Michael, Halloween), Derek Mears (Jason, Friday the 13th), and Muse Watson (The Fisherman, I Know What You Did Last Summer) has hit our desks! Dig it!

Horror Heavyweights Gather for a Compound Fracture

Okay, so let's say for argument's sake that you take Tyler Mane (Michael, Halloween), Derek Mears (Jason, Friday the 13th), and Muse Watson (The Fisherman, I Know What You Did Last Summer); and you gather them together in one film. It's pretty safe to assume that mayhem will ensue and there will be many a Compound Fracture to come!

More Names for Death Keeps Coming

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything about Derek K. Milton’s supernatural western Death Keeps Coming, and the other day reader “Jessica” dropped us a line with the heads up that some more casting took place shortly after our last piece on it that slipped past us.