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The Call Review Answered in the Order It Was Received

So the question beckons... should you answer The Call this weekend or just put it on hold until the eventual Blu-ray and DVD? Read on for our verdict on the latest horror outing from horror maven Brad Anderson.

Call, The (2013)

Starring Abigail Breslin, Halle Berry, Michael Eklund, Morris Chestnut Directed by Brad Anderson

More Behind-the-Scenes Goodies Ring in for The Call

With The Call getting set to arrive in theatres, we've gotten our claws into several more behind-the-scenes videos for you cats to dig on. Check 'em out and look for our review of the flick later in the day.

See More Footage and Go Behind the Scenes in this Featurette for The Call

We're just a day away from the release of Brad Anderson's The Call, and Sony has delivered a new featurette that goes behind the scenes a bit and also shows off some new footage from the film. Dig it!

Exclusive Video: Halle Berry, Morris Chestnut, Abigail Breslin, and Brad Anderson Talk The Call

With director Brad Anderson’s thriller The Call opening wide on March 15th, we sat down with the director and stars Halle Berry, Morris Chestnut, and Abigail Breslin to discuss the film this past Saturday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Read on for more!

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at American Horror Story Episode 1.07 - Open House

While most of us are already looking ahead to tomorrow night's episode of "American Horror Story" on FX, the network is taking a look back at last week's "Open House" by providing a making-of video with Taissa Farmiga (Violet) and Matt Ross (Charles Montgomery) discussing the chilling episode in which the Harmon house is finally put up for sale.

A Special Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.07 - Open House

With the upcoming Episode 1.07 of "American Horror Story", entitled "Open House", airing tomorrow night, November 16th, we pass the halfway mark of the series' 13-episode run on FX. Let's hope it answers more questions than it raises for a change!

Three More Behind-the-Scenes Videos from American Horror Story and a Few Spoilers from Ryan Murphy

Earlier today we shared with you the preview of next week's episode of "American Horror Story", entitled "Open House" (watch it here), and now we have three new behind-the-scenes videos for the series along with some choice comments (beware; they're a bit spoilery) from co-creator Ryan Murphy.

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 1.07 - Open House

As much as we're enjoying "American Horror Story" on FX, we have to admit that if the whole hour was filled with scenes of Jessica Lange doing her thing as Constance, we certainly wouldn't complain. That said, from the looks of things in this preview of Episode 1.07, "Open House", she appears to figure prominently in next week's events, and we'll definitely take what we can get!

More American Horror Story Casting News: Morris Chestnut Sheds His Lizard Skin to Take on Hauntings

And the cast for the highly anticipated new series from FX - "American Horror Story" - grows a bit more with the addition of interstellar TV star Morris Chestnut, who was last seen getting all lizardy in the now cancelled "V".