Experience Bad Omens Watching The Asylum’s 11/11/11 Trailer

Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11 isn’t the only film cashing in on a numerically gimmicky date next month. The Asylum has its own 11/11/11 movie hitting DVD shelves on November 1st, and the trailer has just premiered in all its devil child glory.

New Stills from The Asylum's 11/11/11 Coming 11/1/11

As soon as I write a story about a few new Asylum movies, they have to go and update their website with the first production stills from their upcoming horror movie 11/11/11, not to be confused with Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11, though I suspect that might be part of the master plan.

Marvel at the Almighty Thor Trailer

Thor has an uzi! Kevin Nash is Odin! Richard Grieco unleashes his own private Dragon Wars on Los Angeles! Did I mention Thor shooting an uzi? The gods command you to watch the marvelous trailer for The Asylum’s Almighty Thor right now!

See UFOs Get Stabbed to Death in Two Battle of Los Angeles Clips

It's all about the military fighting off aliens invading the City of Angels this weekend. Battle: Los Angeles in theaters; The Asylum mockbuster Battle of Los Angeles premiering on Syfy on Saturday night. Syfy has posted two short snippets of Battle of Los Angeles action. Bet you didn't know you could kill a UFO with a samurai sword, did you?

Battle of Los Angeles TV Spot Looks Cheaply Familiar

Next weekend you have two options when it comes to aliens invading the City of Angels. Pay high ticket prices to see Battle: Los Angeles on the big screen or watch Battle of Los Angeles on the small screen for the cost of basic cable.

Battle of Los Angeles Airing for Free on Syfy March 12th!

No. Battle: Los Angeles will not be airing for free on Syfy 24 hours after it opens in theaters. Don’t be silly. Did you not notice the word “of” between “Battle” and “Los Angeles”? What do you suppose that could mean? If you answered “a new Asylum mockbuster”, you win the mega no-prize.

Mega Piranha (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Paul Logan, Tiffany, Barry Williams, David Labiosa, Jude Gerard Priest, Jesse Daly Written and directed by Eric Forsberg

Syfy Offers Second Look at Mega Piranha

Finally ... the clip you have been waiting for! Time to see The Asylum's Mega Piranha doing some damage, and by "damage" we mean taking down helicopters. Yes. It is that damned good.

Forsberg, Eric (Mega Piranha, The Asylum)

I first interviewed Eric Forsberg back in August of 2006 in anticipation of the release of Snakes on a Train. Now here we are in April of

Exclusive: Director Eric Forsberg Talks Mega Piranha and More!

I first interviewed Eric Forsberg back in August of 2006 in anticipation of the release of Snakes on a Train. Now here we are in April of 2010, and I am interviewing him again in anticipation of Mega Piranha, another killer animal mockbuster he's made for The Asylum.

Syfy Offers First Sneak Peek at Mega Piranha

Funny that The Asylum has yet to release an official trailer for Mega Piranha, but Syfy has posted a sneak preview video clip as they begin promoting the film for its April 10th premiere. If this is a taste of things to come, I think it is safe to say that the movie is going to be quite the schlocktacular spectacle.

Are You F#@king Kidding Me?!?

The following story is not horror related (Shut up, Terminal!), but I could not resist passing along this movie news to you because you will probably not believe what you are about to see. Either you will howl with laughter, your brain will explode, or you will simply groan in utter disgust. Do not drink anything before going any further unless you're willing to risk doing a spit-take all over your monitor. I damn near did.

Megapiranha Artwork Everything You Could Have Hoped For

A mutant strain of piranha escaping the Amazon and eating a path towards Florida with only an Eighties pop princess and a member of the "Brady Bunch" standing in their way can only mean The Asylum has a new mockbuster. And the Lord said unto man, "Let there be artwork for Megapiranha. Behold!"

First Pics From Megapiranha Stink Like Fish

If you haven’t yet been sold on the premise of the upcoming Asylum mockbuster, Megapiranha, then what the hell’s the matter with you? Actually, if today’s new gallery of pictures are any indication, this is looking like the same old song and dance from our friends at the Asylum. But don’t take my word for it, come on in and decide for yourselves.

Tiffany vs. Megapiranha

In what absolutely positively has to be intentional stunt casting on the part of The Asylum, former teen pop princess Tiffany has been signed to star in their Megapiranha mockbuster. Tiffany's heyday was the late 1980's, and her biggest rival at the time was Debbie Gibson, who you may recall starred in The Asylum's Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. No way this casting is a coincidence.