Milo Ventimiglia

Pathology Trailer Finally Arrives!

Three more weeks to go until Pathology, the story about med students playing a sick game to create the perfect murder, gets its limited theatrical release (“Help Pathology Past 100 Theatres!” – February 2008). We've seen various trailers these past few months, but nothing whole ... that was until

Heck Yes! Pathology Teaser!

Who knew that Napoleon Dynamite could help promote Marc Schoelermann's Pathology? A new teaser trailer for the film found its way online recently, and color me impressed with the humor.

Help Pathology Past 100 Theatres!

I've been subjected to many bad horror films that have been given wide releases. Some were total box office flops that couldn't have done well in the testing stages, so why do films with more positive responses get the boot?

MGM Gives Pathology April Date

Finally, MGM has figured out what they’re going to do with Pathology (set visit preview), the medical horror/thriller that’s been kicked and punched by the studio for months trying to find a release date for it.

Pathology Video Interviews!

We’ve not heard a whole helluva lot about Pathology other than Andrew’s set visit preview, but from everyone I’ve talked to that has seen pieces of it, this could be the real deal: a true horror movie that will please fans of all varieties when it finally hits theate

Pathology Set Preview

The twisted minds behind last year's Crank have set their sites on medical horror and if that doesn't excite you, you're as dead as the stiffs in Pathology - a blood-drenched psychological creepfest due out from MGM at year's end.