Midnight Sun

Two More to Soak in the Rays of the Midnight Sun

More casting news is coming in for NBC's latest foray into genre territory, "Midnight Sun". Read on to find out who the next members of that kooky cult will be. Or not. You never know with TV nowadays. All those twists and turns!

Brad Anderson Sets a Midnight Sun

More news is coming in for NBC's latest genre show, "Midnight Sun". This time, though, it's the director we're talking about and not the cast. Read on for details.

NBC Continues to Beef Up Revolution and Midnight Sun Casts

And the casting news keeps rolling in for two of NBC's latest genre shows, "Revolution" and "Midnight Sun". Read on to find out just who's next to be haunting your terror tube.

Julia Stiles to Walk in the Midnight Sun for NBC

I've never been able to grasp why people seem to like Julia Stiles. To me, she's one of those actors who is adequate in her roles, but never manages to be anything other than a person reciting their lines.

A Midnight Sun to Rise for NBC

The horror genre has become incredibly hot on TV thanks in part to quality shows like "Supernatural" and "The Walking Dead", and just when you think you've had your fill, another bit of episodic content rears its horrific head!

NBC Picks Up Pilots Midnight Sun and Do No Harm from Universal TV

NBC has picked up two drama pilots from its sister studio, Peter Traugott’s new Universal TV production company, and while they both sound more "thriller" than horror, one seems to have a "Twin Peaks" vibe and the other sounds like yet another spin on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde so we figured we'd mention them and then see how Dread-worthy they turn out to be.