No-Holds-Barred Poltergeist Remake

Now this is remake news that really doesn't irk us too much. If you're going to add your own slant on a famed film, why not do so in a way in which you're bringing something new to the table while still honoring the source material (i.e., The Blob and Dawn of the Dead)?

Teen Wolf (TV Premiere Episode)

Starring Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes Directed by Russell Mulcahy Created by MTV Networks and MGM

MGM Limited Edition Collection Titles for June 2011

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s manufacturing-on-demand program continues during the month of June with 29 films being released as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection. Unfortunately only one qualifies as real horror, but there's another that should appeal to genre fans so we're including some info on both for your perusal.

Stephen King Talks Carrie Remake

It was just yesterday that MGM announced it was looking to resurrect Stephen King's Carrie in remake form, and today the man himself adds his two cents to the situation. Read on for the details.

MGM Looking to Resurrect Carrie

"THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!!!" I've had that sentence ringing in my head since the very first time I saw the first screen version of Stephen King's Carrie. Looks like MGM is ready to jump-start that psycho-kinetic laughter once more.

Humorous New One-Sheet: The Cabin in the Woods and Possible Release Date

Another new one-sheet has been released by the good folks behind, The Cabin in the Woods that reflects the recent Lionsgate deal to finally get the long-awaited flick into theatres. Given how much they've been screwed over (and over, and over, and over) it's good to see that they at least have a sense of humor about it.

By the Gods! Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Hammers Cabin in the Woods Through the Lionsgate

Thank you, Lionsgate. We've had some ups and downs over the years, but every now and again you do something to make us horror fans feel truly loved. This is a glorious day indeed. Guess what, fiends? It's looking like we'll finally be seeing The Cabin in the Woods.

Frustrating New Cabin in the Woods One-Sheet

If the words "cock tease" ever applied to a horror movie, it has to be in relation to the debacle surrounding the release of the long awaited flick The Cabin in the Woods. It's good to know that fans aren't the only ones with a severe case of blue balls.

Child's Play Remake Finally Moving?

Some interesting Child's Play rumors have reared their head online that just might usher in the return of everyone's favorite potty-mouthed redheaded, murderous doll.

RoboCop Reboot Wrangles a Writer

Everyone's favorite half robot lawman is one step closer to being reassembled, and hopefully when all the nuts and bolts have been tightened the makers of this upcoming reboot won't go soft on the series' violent side.

More Horror Classics Coming from the MGM Limited Edition Collection

Starting this month, look for more classic horror films to reach consumers through Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's special manufacturing-on-demand platform. These DVDs are part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection and will be available from your favorite online retailer.

RoboCop Reboot Right on Track

The lion is getting ready to roar once again with a half cyborg crime-fighter and the prospect of a remake done right. Will the new RoboCop bring all of the over-the-top violence of the original? We can only hope.

MGM Getting Back on Track - Reboots a Coming

MGM is starting to shed its recent skin of problems, and as a result some long gestating projects are finally starting to move.

Sony to Handle Distro for MGM? Will We Finally See Cabin in the Woods?

The dark cloud of financial woe hasn't lifted over the lion just yet, but there's still some hope, true believers! Who can save MGM from going the way of the dinosaur?

MGM Getting Back on Stable Ground? Hope for Future Projects?

If you're around my age or older the prospect of a movie world without MGM seems wrong. Very wrong. Hell, unimaginable. The lion has been roaring for many years, and even though he took a financial stumble, he looks as if he's getting ready to go back on the prowl.