New Thai Body Horror Is Ready To Crawl Under Your Skin [Watch]

It seems like the creature feature from Thailand we’ve all been waiting for has found a home. Well Go USA Entertainment has acquired the rights to The One Hundred. The film follows a group of people quarantined in a hotel who find themselves fighting a giant centipede.

Read The Synopsis For The One Hundred

Fame and Phil, two popular sibling YouTubers, check in to Srichanphen Hotel for a state-mandated 14-day quarantine during the height of the pandemic. Also in Fame’s and Phil’s group are Leo, a quiet young man who arrives with his sister Lena and their father, and Steve, an ill-tempered American. In the hotel, they encounter strange events.

A swarm of centipedes crawl out from every nook and cranny to attack the group, then Fame and Leo find a mysterious corpse in a fire escape. Later they discover that a monster is lurking in the hotel: a giant centipede that resides in the human body as a way to prolong its existence. The centipede possesses the body of a person, assumes the human shape and personality, then seeks out its next host, on and on. So it’s impossible to tell if any of the hotel guests is the monster in disguise.

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The giant centipede finds out that Fame has a special blood type that enables it to extend its life forever, and Fame suddenly becomes its prime target. Leo has to find a way to save Fame along with his father and sister by seeking a safe route out of the hotel now surrounded by the deadly army of centipedes.

The One Hundred is written and directed by Chalit Krileadmongkon and Pakphum Wongjinda. It stars Chanya McClory, Mike Angelo, and Benjamin Joseph Varney.

Not much else is known about The One Hundred at the moment. However, the sick trailer below tells us it’s going to be a ride.

Watch The Trailer For The One Hundred:

A giant shapeshifting centipede might be too metal for me, but I’m already excited to hear you all tell me how wild this movie is going to be. Let me know if The One Hundred is on your watch list at @misssharai.



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