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Exclusive: New Pics & First Trailer for Walking Distance!

We’ve been looking forward to Walking Distance, Mel House’s follow-up to the ambitious indie film Closet Space (review), since we first heard rumblings about how good the script was. So we kept Mr.

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Walking Distance!

We just received a heads-up from Closet Space (review) director Mel House that the trailer for his latest mindbender, Walking Distance, is very close to being upon us. He’s currently shooting for a debut sometime near Thanksgiving, though the outlet has not been determined yet (I vote for Dread Central; don’t you?)

Exclusive Pics From Walking Distance!

Indie director Mel House dropped us a line yesterday with new pics from and an update on his Closet Space (review) follow-up, Walking Distance.

Walking Distance Gets a Voorhees Killer

It being Friday the 13th and all, I guess this kind of news just make sense. Was it planned this way or just coincidence? We may never know ... Fangoria just got the first look at the poster for Mel House’s Walking Distance, as well as some very cool casting news for the film.

First Look at Walking Distance

Over at the official MySpace page for Mel House’s latest film, Walking Distance, a whole lot of photos have just shown up from behind the scenes of the movie, which started shooting on June 5th.

Exclusive: Paranormal Activity Star Joins Walking Distance!

Just got a heads-up from Closet Space (review) director Mel House about some very cool casting news for his latest feature, Walking Distance, which we’ve been doing a pretty damn good job of keeping you informed about, if I do say so myself...

Walking Distance Plot & New Cast Revealed!

We were promised a lot more on Mel House’s sophomore directorial effort, Walking Distance, his follow-up to the cool indie flick Closet Space (review), and today we got it. And then some!

Closet Space Helmer's Latest Gets a Bannister

I know most of you have not seen Closet Space (review) yet, and for that I’m sorry. As indie movies go, it’s one of the best ones out there right now, as is evident by its recent inclusion in this years RioFan festival, going down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Closet Space (2007)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Melanie Donihoo, Jovan Jackson, Jame Lemarr, Morgan McCarthy Directed by Mel House

Ryan, Bryan (The Guest)

You may recall a few months ago we told you about Final Girl Films' competition for indie horror filmmakers looking to