San Diego Comic-Con 2012: A Preview of Mattel's Monster High Figures - Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo!

Mattel's Monster High figures enjoy mega global popularity, and last July fans voted for the next character. Scarah Screams. daughter of the Banshee, won and is excited to make her dreadful debut as the 2012 SDCC featured item. She's also bringing a friend, Hoodude Voodoo.

Toy Fair 2011: Get Slimed with New Ghostbusters Goodies from Mattel and Kotobukiya

It's funny how we can see everything Ghostbusters fired out in rapid fire succession, except of course for the third film. We've got your first look at Mattel's new toy line along with a peek at the Kotobukiya PVC figure!

More Monster High - Dawn of the .... Dance?

The masters of horror (AKA Mattel) are back to shock you into a catatonic state with their new doll line Monster High! As horror fans we've had many zombie films to keep us happy cannibals for the foreseeable future and even a couple of versions of Dawn of the Dead specifically, but now Mattel twists the concept into something so horrifying, you'll wish you had the will to take your own eyes out with any number of implements on the desk in front of you. Beware ... this is not horror fan safe ... for nothing can save you from the Dawn of the ... DANCE!!!!

Monster High Finds Writers! Horror Fans Shriek in Terror!

Remember those prissy little horror dolls we covered a couple of days ago? Yeah, Mattel's Monster High! Well, it turns out there's now a movie on the way, and it's already found its writers!

Mattel Launches Monster High

WOW. The girlification of horror continues with Mattel's new in-house property Monster High, which looks like Barbie got it on with the entire Universal Monsters roster and these are her little tween babies! Hey, we are furthering the spread of horror anyway we can, right? Right? Ahhh ... loosen up.

Toy Fair 2010: Mattel's Ghostbusters Line

You know, in retrospect, if Katie and Micah had had some tiny plastic Ghostbusters figures with them, they might have stood a better chance against that nasty demon who was haunting them literally to death in the box office smash Paranormal Activity. At the very least Venkmen. He had moxie!

Twilight Saga: New Moon Sets Advance Sale Record; Jacob Barbie Doll on the Way

As mentioned a couple of days ago, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was well on its way to setting a new record with Fandango for advance ticket sales, and the film has indeed achieved that milestone. But if you haven't bought your tickets yet, don't be discouraged; theater owners are still adding screens and posting new showtimes online.

First Look at Ghostbuster Egon & Slimer in Packaging

In the beginning there was NECA ... and NECA created the Terror Dogs and Gozer and even Slimer ... but something was missing. The boys in grey could not be made real. Some said it was likeness rights, plain and simple. Some said Bill Murray demanded an orphan child in exchange for the rights.

Universal and Mattel Toy With the Idea of Musical Monsters

As Hasbro continues to rack up movie deals based on its toy and game properties (coming soon to a theater near you: Monopoly, Candyland, Battleship, and Ouija), Mattel has decided that it wants in on that lucrative movie money. Mattel has a new monster-themed toy line on the way. Universal is currently high on musicals after the success of Mamma Mia! Sounds like a match made in heaven.

NYCC: First Look at Mattel's Ghostbusters Figures!

Nomad just checked in from NYCC to let us know that the first pics are finally rolling in, and they’re going to make you want to dance. DANCE, I tells ya!

Mattel Gets Ghostbusters

For years and years we've been waiting for some quality Ghostbusters collectibles, and come June 2009 (which happens to be the month of my birthday *hint, hint*) we may just get them!

The Birds Barbie is Here!

I know you’ve all been waiting not so patiently since we first announced that Mattel was making a Birds Barbie, so I’m happy to inform you that she’s finally here! Click here or on the image below to order The Birds Barbie via Evilshop, then come with theories as to why she’s still smiling despite being attacked by murderous avian!

The Birds Barbie!

Just when you didn’t think you could see any weirder stuff on this here site, we slap you upside the head with Barbie! But she’s not just any Barbie, oh now; she’s a Tippi Hedren Barbie from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!

SDCC 08: The Birds Barbie!

Barbie Vs. The Birds? Why the hell not? I mean, Hitchcock was huge on having important female characters in most of his suspense films; maybe this is just the beginning of a new line from Mattel. A man can dream, can’t he?