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Get Wrapped Up in These Two New Promo Spots for Dexter

Two very striking new promo videos have landed online for "Dexter", and while they're similar, make sure you keep watching each until the end. September cannot get here soon enough!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Official Meme-Free Dexter Panel Poser

Earlier we saw some "Dexter" San Diego Comic-Con promo posters that fell on the whimsical side of the fence by mimicking online memes, and now we have a look at the more straightforward artwork for the panel, which features Dex and Deb promising it's "Time to Spill Our Guts".

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Dexter Goes Meme with New Promo Posters

A new batch of promo posters for "Dexter"'s appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con hit the Net today, and they are reminiscent of fan-created online memes often posted in blogs and comment boards.

New Dexter Season 7 Promo Comes Early

We've been there, man. You're all hot and bothered getting ready to sample the goods, and boom! Like a happy-handed overzealous 14-year-old, it's over before you know it, and you're just sitting there in a state of disbelief wondering what you could have done to prolong things.

Some Clues (and Spoilers) of What to Expect in Season 7 of Dexter

If you're the type who avoids spoilers at all costs, you'll want to skip right over this story. On the other hand, if you like knowing a bit of what's to come, then dive on in for some clues of what to expect in Season 7 of "Dexter".

It's the Moment of Truth in New Dexter Season 7 Promo

The second promo video for Season 7 of Showtime's "Dexter" has arrived, and it features both the titular character and his no doubt confused and sure to be pissed off sister Deb. Guess we'll find out soon enough if truth does indeed bring light.

Dexter Prep! Take a Look Back at Season 6!

With all the news recently flooding the headlines for the seventh season of the hit series "Dexter", we figured now may be a good time to reacquaint you cats with what's come before it courtesy of Showtime. Dig these new videos!

Another Photo from the Dexter Season 7 Premiere - Are You...?

It's a bit blurry, but the second promo photo for the Season 7 premiere of "Dexter", which is entitled "Are You...?", has landed online. It's from TV Guide, and like the previous still released, it features Dexter and Debra, who is no doubt still reeling from her discovery at the end of Season 6.

Dexter Season 7 Cast Fills Out with Yvonne Strahovski

More casting news has come in for Season 7 of Showtime's "Dexter", and it's made us even more hopefully optimistic about the upcoming new season, which premieres on September 30th.

First Still from Dexter Season 7

When we last left Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), his sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), had finally discovered that Dex was a serial killer. So what happens next? Judging from this first still, it doesn't seem as if Deb is too pleased.

Matt Gerald Joins Dexter Season 7

And another recurring character has been added to the Season 7 lineup for Showtime's "Dexter" as Avatar and "The Shield" tough guy Matt Gerald joins the cast for a multi-episode arc as a violent blue-collar criminal.