Matt Davis

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 to See the Return of Matt Davis as a Series Regular

We know some of you have yet to watch the game-changing season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" (we plan to catch up ourselves later today) so beware of spoilers and proceed at your own risk to learn more details about the return of Alaric in the upcoming Season 6!

Before You Sever All Ties with Cult Watch this Preview of Episode 1.12 - 1987

"Cult"'s brief run on The CW comes to an end this Friday night with Episodes 1.12 and 1.13, "1987" and "Executive Producer Steven Rea," respectively. Will Jeff and Skye find the answers they're looking for? Check out this preview for clues.

Time for a Quick Preview of Cult Episode 1.10 - The Prophecy of St. Clare

Did you remember to watch "Cult" this past Friday? Two more episodes air on July 5th, and here's a preview of Ep. 1.10, "The Prophecy of St. Clare," which is paired with Ep. 1.11, "Flip the Script."

Get Ready for the Wild Part with this Preview of Cult's Return to The CW

Planning to check out the last six episodes of "Cult" when The CW airs two episodes per Friday night, beginning next week on June 28th? Here's a preview of Episodes 1.08, "The Devil You Know," and 1.09, "Off to See the Wizard," to help you decide.

Synopses Arrive for the Final Two Episodes of The CW's Cult - 1987 and Executive Producer Steven Rea

Planning to catch the last few episodes of "Cult" when they air on The CW beginning June 28th? We're gonna give it another go; if you are too, here are synopses for "1987" and "Executive Producer Steven Rea," airing July 12th.

Two More Cult Episodes Airing July 5th: #1.10 - The Prophecy of St. Clare and #1.11 - Flip the Script

The CW is burning off the last few episodes of "Cult" two at a time this summer, and synopses for "The Prophecy of St. Clare" and "Flip the Script," airing July 5th, have arrived.

The CW to Air Six Remaining Cult Episodes Beginning June 28th

Were you among the handful of people who were caught up in The CW's "Cult"? If so, you can watch the remaining six installments, beginning with Episodes 1.08, "The Devil You Know," and 1.09, "Off to See the Wizard," which are airing back-to-back on Friday, June 28th.

The CW Pulls Cult from its Friday Night Schedule

While we haven't received official confirmation that The CW is outright cancelling "Cult," the network has removed the series from its upcoming Friday night schedule for the next three weeks so you do the math.

Something Isn't Right in this Preview of Cult Episode 1.08 - The Devil You Know

Between the show, the show-within-the-show, the dream sequences... we're starting to wonder if anybody knows what's going on in "Cult" or if anybody cares. If you fall in either category, here's a preview of Episode 1.08, "The Devil You Know."

Snap to it and Watch This Preview of Cult Episode 1.07 - Suffer the Children

We could make a few jokes about the title of the upcoming Episode 1.07 of "Cult" (it's "Suffer the Children" so draw your own conclusions about how "suffering" might figure into them), but instead of kicking the show while it's down, we'll just point you in the direction of the ep's preview.

Fight The Good Fight in This Preview of Cult Episode 1.06; Synopses for Episodes 1.07-1.09

We're a bit disappointed in "Cult" so far, but since we've been a fan of Robert Knepper since his "Carnivale" days, we're holding out hope that things will improve so we can keep seeing him on a weekly basis.

Producer's Preview of Cult Episode 1.04 - Get With the Program

Has it really been just three episodes of "Cult" that have aired so far? It seems like at least a few more, which isn't necessarily a good thing, but if you're still digging the show-within-the-show concept, check out a Producer's Preview of Episode 1.04, "Get With the Program."

Get with the Program and Watch a Preview of Cult Episode 1.04

We'll soon find out how "Cult" fares in its new Friday night time slot on The CW, but for now, if you're digging the show, just "Get with the Program" and watch a preview of next week's episode.

A Producer's Preview of Cult Episode 1.03 - Being Billy

It'll be interesting to see how The CW's "Cult" fares on Friday nights, and in advance of the show's first airing on its new day, we have a "Producer's Preview" of Episode 1.03, "Being Billy," in which creator Rockne S. O'Bannon talks about the latest deadly craze to hit college campuses.

Cult Is on the Move to Friday Nights on The CW

We're not sure if this is a good thing or a sign that the show's in trouble, but The CW just announced that they are moving "Cult" immediately from Tuesday to Friday night. Read on for the details.