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The Thing - Behind-the-Scenes Pictorial Blow-Out! See Some of the Creatures!

Ever since the announcement of a prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing, fans have been worried about one thing ... the over use of CGI. Well, we're sure CGI will play a role somehow, but one look at these glorious practical effects shots, and we can guarantee you'll be feeling a LOT better.

Official Image Gallery Now Open for The Thing

And the hype machine is speeding up for October's prequel/sequel to The Thing. First we brought you the one-sheet, then the trailer, and now? We've got a good amount of eye candy for you ready and on tap! Dig it!

See the Trailer for The Thing ... RIGHT NOW!

It's here, kids! Your first look at the trailer for this October's prequel/sequel to The Thing! Ready to find out who's human? We pray for the souls of them crazy Swedes!

Confirmed! First Look at The Thing Teaser One-Sheet and Trailer

Something kind of nifty just landed in our inbox! Are your ready for your very first look at the teaser artwork and the trailer for this October's prequel/sequel to The Thing. Read on, and tell us what you think!

New Image From The Thing Ready to Burn Something That's Weird and Pissed Off

And the promo wheels are officially spinning for Universal's prequel to the 1981 John Carpenter classic The Thing. Time to take another look at star Joel Edgerton locked, loaded, and ready to kill.

Trent Reznor Now Retracting Statement Regarding Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Involvement

Reporting the news is getting harder and harder lately. Things are confirmed and then retracted at the speed of light, and we're left dizzy trying to make sense of it for you. That's what we do after all.

Trent Reznor Confirms Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Involvement

It was only last week when we told you about Oscar winner Trent Reznor's involvement with the upcoming Timur Bekmambetov film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, both in scoring and acting capacities. Now confirmation has come from the man himself.

Academy Award Winner Trent Reznor to Score and Put the Bite on in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

We still remember the first time we heard "Head Like a Hole". Friggin' blew our minds, man. All of a sudden Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails exploded onto the scene, and the music and film industries have benefited ever since.

Honest! Abe has His Right Hand Man! Jimmi Simpson Joins Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

More casting news coming in for the feature film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Finally Abe has a partner in crime. Though is it a crime to kill vamps? Nah, screw them and their pointy teeth!

Correction: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Goes Psycho for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

With news coming fast and furious and everyone in a mad dash to be first, sometimes things are reported on just a little too prematurely. Case in point ...

The Thing Prequel Gets a New Date!

After Universal Pictures removed the prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing from its 2011 release schedule, fans assumed the worst. Turns out things weren't that bad after all! After prepping for some additional photography to give the flick more character development, Universal Pictures has rescheduled The Thing for release on October 14, 2011.

So Why Did Universal Delay The Thing?

When news broke that Universal pulled its scheduled April 29, 2011 release for the prequel to the John Carpenter classic, The Thing, everyone assumed the worst. That is the easiest thing to do, after all.

The Thing Prequel Yanked From Universal's 2011 Schedule

Originally slated for an April 29, 2011 release, the prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing has been officially removed from Universal's release slate for 2011 and is now listed to be released on a to-be-determined date. We'll let you know as soon as we're updated on the flick's status.

Stars Joel Edgerton and Eric Christian Olsen Talk The Thing Prequel

We're all waiting patiently for more news to start coming out regarding The Thing prequel, and while we try to remain optimistic our fears just keep creeping up on us, no matter how much we're told things are going to turn out good.

Trailer for The Thing Prequel Leaked Online

A bootleg video of the trailer for The Thing prequel from the NYCC has just shown up online. It's ultra-crappy in terms of quality but if you're interested see it while you can!