Maggie Gyllenhaal

Early Sales Art for Voice from the Stone

Throughout our lives many of us have heard voices when stoned, but never actually a voice from a stone. That's all about to change with this latest flick, and we've got the early artwork for you right here to prove it!

Lots of Behind-the-Scenes Imagery - Voice from the Stone

The last time we checked in with the Italian ghost story Voice from the Stone was way back in May, and now that some time has passed, tons of location and concept art have popped up on the flick's official Facebook page. Dig it!

Voice From the Stone Starts Talking to Maggie Gyllenhaal

Ah, the Italian countryside! So rife with beauty! So filled with malevolent spirits who want nothing more than to haunt the living until they reach their breaking point and join their ranks. Those Italians are tenacious!