Live Hauntings

BlackBoxTV is Frightfully Funny!

We first told you about the new horror-themed YouTube channel BlackBoxTV way back in January of 2012, and since then it's been steadily picking up steam. On tap for you cats to dig on right now are three clips that are nothing short of a must watch!

Check Out This Awesome Interactive Experience from BlackBoxTV

All we can say about the newest offering from BlackBoxTV, entitled Trapped, is "Wow!" Talk about an immersive experience! This goes above and beyond anything we've seen before as far as making the audience part of the show. Trust us. Check it out.

BlackBoxTV YouTube Channel Launching on Friday, April 13th

We're not saying that everything cool happens on Friday the 13th, but cool things seem to happen every Friday the 13th. On April 13th a new idea in entertainment will launch with a horror-themed premium channel on YouTube Channel. This is BlackBoxTV.

YouTube Wants to Show You Its BlackBoxTV

Back around Halloween 2011 Google announced it would be creating 100+ "channels" on YouTube for original programming, generating about 25 hours of new programming per day; and one such channel just announced during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is BlackBoxTV, which is striving to be the destination for the horror, thriller, and sci-fi crowd on YouTube. Considering its pedigree, it just might pull it off!