Leticia Dolera

Comic-Style Rec 3: Genesis Artwork to Die For!

Magnet just released a killer new one-sheet for [REC] 3: Genesis (review) featuring the artwork of Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) and we're crazy in love with it, till death do us part!

Spotlight on Rec 3: Genesis' Sexy Scream Queen Leticia Dolera

If there's one undeniable thing about [REC] 3: Genesis (review), it's that its sultry star, Leticia Dolera, not only kicks ass but looks damned fine while doing so! Need a few examples? Wow, do we have some eye candy for you!

First Bit of Test Make-Up: [REC] Genesis

Let's see. Thus far we've been treated to a slew of fake posters for [REC] Genesis. Wouldn't it be nice to have something, anything, concrete? Your wish is our command.

UPDATE: One-Sheet Debut: [REC] Genesis

The first official one-sheet for [REC] Genesis has arrived, and for whatever reason it reminds us more of the Resident Evil games than any of the posters for the Resident Evil movies. Dig it!

International One-Sheet Debut - REC: Apocalypse?

Yes. We know that [REC] Genesis is the third film in the franchise. So why is there a Russian one-sheet for [REC] Apocalypse online? Because someone's been hittin' the Smirnoff! [REC] directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero will split directing responsibilities for the next two films in the franchise, [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse.

First Casting News: [REC] Genesis

The first new cast members to hop aboard the unlikely yet totally kick-ass [REC] franchise have been named, and you know what that means ... we're that much closer to [REC] Genesis finally getting made!