Let the Right One In

Hellboy II to Close 2008 LA Film Fest

If you live in or around LA or are planning to be in the area at the end of June, you could be among the lucky few who get to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army a full 13 days early.

Vampire Movie Wins Tribeca's Feature Award

Another Tribeca has come and gone, and with it another great selection of horror movies (hit the “Tribeca 2008” link to read about ‘em). I expected at least one or two would take home some awards, but to learn that a horror movie got Tribeca’s feature prize in the festival? That’s just awesome.

Tribeca Horrors 2008: Let the Right One In

Just like our extensive and exhausting (on our side, at least) coverage from last year (read it all right here), we’re compiling as much info as we can for the horror offerings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, going

Magnet Will Let the Right One In

Magnet, the new genre arm of Magnolia, sure is serious about nabbing new horror before anyone else can. Let the Right One In, the Swedish vampire film we first told you about here, has been scooped up by Magnet for North American release, they reported today.

Let the Right One In Poster, Trailer

Here I am, reporting on yet another vampire film that actually looks somewhat interesting. Either something is wrong with the world or too many drugs have skewed my perception. Or maybe Let the Right One In is genuinely worth keeping an eye on...

Alfredson, Tomas (Let the Right One In)

Vampire movies have pretty much become a dime a dozen. Add fangs ... instant movie. Yet sometimes one will rise above the pack and stand out as something special. Tomas