Leah Pipes

The Ultimate Weapon Is Unleashed in this Preview of The Originals Episode 1.05 - Sinners and Saints

The best thing that happened in last night's episode of "The Originals" is that finally Elijah is back and ready to do whatever it takes to protect his family, including facing the "Ultimate Weapon." Here's a preview of next week's Episode 1.05, "Sinners and Saints."

Lots of Eye Candy from The Originals Episode 1.05 - Sinners and Saints

Pasts are revealed and secrets are exposed in next week's Episode 1.05 of "The Originals," entitled "Sinners and Saints." In other words, just another day in Nawlins! Check out a dozen new images from the upcoming ep to get ready for it.

A Sneak Peek of Tonight's Episode 1.04 of The Originals - Girl in New Orleans

Is Klaus' plan evil in nature? We sure hope so; otherwise, what's the point of having one of TV's biggest bads on your show? Here's a clip from "The Originals" Episode 1.04, "Girl in New Orleans," to shed a bit of light on things.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Originals Episode 1.04 - Girl in New Orleans

We find ourselves enjoying "The Originals" much more than we thought we would and are already looking forward to next week. If you're in the same surprising boat, check out this look at Episode 1.04, "Girl in New Orleans."

New Promo for The Originals and a Clip from Episode 1.03 - Tangled Up in Blue

We're surprised at how much we're enjoying "The Originals" so far (no high schoolers helps) although they better get Elijah back in action soon! Will he reappear next week? Check out a new promo and clip from "Episode 1.03, "Tangled Up in Blue," for clues.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Originals Episode 1.03- Tangled Up in Blue

With the third episode on its way, it's party time on The CW's "The Originals." Grab a costume, and get ready for betrayal at the Masquerade Ball... N'awlins style!

The Originals' Leah Pipes Talks Camille and Klaus' Differing Outlooks

The CW has rolled out another video interview featuring one of the stars of its upcoming new series "The Originals," and now it's time to hear from Leah Pipes about her character, Cami, and how her outlook differs from Klaus'.

Claire Holt Following Her Vampire Brothers to The CW's The Originals

It looks like Rebekah's rekindled relationship with Stefan on "The Vampire Diaries" is coming to an end as Claire Holt, the actress who portrays the lovely original vampire, is heading to "The Originals," the "TVD" spinoff that has already ensnared her two remaining brothers.

You'll be Dying to Meet Cousin Sarah

Kids today, I tell ya! You just can't trust them. Sure they look all innocent at first, but turn your back for just one second and - wham - your house is on fire, your friends are dropping like flies, and you end up scarred for life! Ah, to be a teenager again!

Sorority Row Sisters Promise Pretty Sweet Deaths

Been avoiding thinking about the upcoming remake of 1983 slasher The House on Sorority Row known as simply Sorority Row? If so, you may want to put it on your maybe it won't be so bad after all list ... if its three female co-stars can be believed.