10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

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10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!Thanks to companies like NECA, Mezco, McFarlane and Funko, horror fans are pretty damn spoiled when it comes to toys and collectibles. Last year our collections were bulked up with some of the coolest and most unique horror toys of all time and this year is set to be no different…

All the above companies are gearing up to unleash a wide variety of new offerings in the coming months, and we have the lowdown on everything you can look forward to.

Today we take a sneak peek into the future and check out some upcoming toys that all of us horror fans absolutely need to own. Best of all, there’s no time machine required for this romp through the future; all you need to do is click and scroll.

So let’s get to it, shall we?!

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Last year NECA dominated the horror toy scene, releasing action figures of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger that were based on their respective 8-bit NES games from the late 1980s. Not surprisingly, the unique toys were incredibly popular and sought after, and NECA continues the fun this year with an NES-style Predator figure. Yes, there was indeed an NES game based on Predator released in 1987, and this colorful tribute totally nails the look of that game’s titular character. It’s set for release in May.

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Speaking of retro-style figures, it seems all that’s old is new again in the world of toys, and NECA took advantage of that fact with last year’s vintage-style Jason and Freddy figures, inspired by the simplistic design of the MEGO toys that dominated the scene in the 1970s. Evil Dead 2‘s Ash joins the retro line later this year, available in both ‘Hero Ash’ and ‘Evil Ash’ forms. A Friday the 13th: Part 2 version of Jason is also being added to the line this coming summer along with a Part 5 imposter Jason, which is the very first action figure ever made of copycat paramedic Roy Burns. All four of the toys feature real cloth outfits and include various accessories.

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Last year a company called Super7 released a line of toys based on Alien that they dubbed ‘ReAction Figures,’ which were actually modern day recreations of vintage toys that Kenner had planned on putting out way back in 1979. The company has since joined forces with Funko, and together they’re releasing a massive line of ReAction Figures this year, giving the retro-style look to everyone from Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam to Hellraiser‘s Pinhead. Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and a whole slew of other horror icons also get the Kenner-inspired treatment with varying release dates attached to them.

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  • DavidFullam

    Far more interested in the redesigned Kenner Preds and the 2 foot long Blade Fighter from NECA.

  • frank_dracman

    Somebody buy me the Freddy figure. Now.

  • kiddcapone

    Even though I made the sad decision to sell off all my horror collectibles (not really THAT sad since I made over 4000) and still have about 20% left, I think I’ll add the Samara/Sadako figure to the top of my Blu Ray entertainment center…

    • GODFLESH69

      You should have hit me up Kidd i collect! There’s a rotocast Chucky figure from Mezco that I have to have coming out in Aug available at Entertainment Earth. These are cool affordable figures worth checking out.

      • kiddcapone

        I think I posted on here before I started listing things on Ebay. I had everything. In fact, I had doubles of everything, one opened and one still sealed. Every single Sideshow exclusive figure, every Movie Maniac, NECA cult classics, all 18″ figures, novelty items, games, comics, etc. Anything that directly connected to a horror film, I collected.

        I still have a lot left, but even in time all that will go to, except for my Blu Rays and original framed movie posters.

        • GODFLESH69

          Guess I missed that, bummer !A true dedicated FIEND I appreciate that!We are a different breed bro.