E3: More Info on the Saw Video Game

Bummed you couldn't make it to this year's E3 event? Cheer up! What with all the Tweeting and Live Blogging taking place by those who could, it's almost just like being there.

Konami Officially Announces Saw Video Game

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced Saw: The Video Game is being developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, Playstation 3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

Early Saw Video Game Screens and Details

Though it seemed to be in a spot of trouble for a while, the first bit of art and screenshots for Konami's Saw: The Video Game have quietly made their way online. Hey! At least we know it's coming, right?

Saw Video Game Finds New Home

When original rights holder Brash Entertainment crashed and burned in a very spectacular way recently, it looked bad for the future of a game based on the Saw series.

Silent Hill: Homecoming (Video Game)

Reviewed by Plagiarize Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed here) and the Playstation 3 Distributed by Konami

Another Look at Silent Hill Homecoming

Some games just aren’t done justice by screenshots and Silent Hill Homecoming is one of them. Every time I see screens of the game, it tempers my excitement for it, but then I get to see new video footage, and it pushes my excitement right back up to max.

New Silent Hill: Homecoming Screens!

Komani just released a stack of new screens from Silent Hill: Homecoming, the incredibly anticipated sequel and the first SH game made for next gen systems. Will it be as good as the previous entries? Well, it can’t be worse than The Room ... right?

Hellboy: Science of Evil Update!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the forthcoming video game Hellboy: Science of Evil, so how’s about an update for you? And this time it’s coming from Butane, not that Plagiarize kid, cause that’s just how I roll, suckas. First up we got a stack of new screenshots from the game, which you can check out below. I got to see this baby in action at the recent New York Comic Con and it looked tres badass, let me tell you.

First Impressions of Silent Hill 5

There's been a lot of skepticism towards Silent Hill V (now being called Silent Hill: Homecoming officially), and I have no shame in admitting that some of it came from me. A lot of the screenshots and material slowly seeping out from the developers over at Double Helix (formerly called The Collective) had given grounds for those people naturally skeptical anyway, given that the game was not being made by Team Silent, to feel their fears were founded.

This is Silent Hill V?

Sometimes I’m loathe to bring attention to screenshots of a game that is still a good ways off when they look as bad as this, but when the game is Silent Hill V and the graphics just aren’t remotely up to scratch, it’s a different story.

Radio Silent Hill

Silent Hill 4 didn’t have a radio. Nor did it have a flashlight.

Silent Hill 5 in Motion

Poking around on YouTube I found a few short videos of the eagerly awaited Silent Hill 5 coming from Konami and The Collective, the same developers of the original Buffy game.

Hill Goes Next Gen

Word has come out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) going on in Santa Monica, California that Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced Silent Hill 5 (working title) for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. The game will thrust players into a shadowy world of chaos and terror with atmospheric high definition graphics and an original storyline that sheds new light on the desolate, fog-shrouded town of Silent Hill.

New Castlevania Helmer Announced!

A while back we first reported, based on info from "inside", that Paul WS Anderson was no longer at the helm of the film adaptation of Castlevania, the popular vampire-themed video game from Konami. Since then it’s been pretty quite on the adaptation’s status, but finally a new director has climbed on board.

Exclusive: Anderson Off Castlevania!

You know a project is in trouble when Paul W.S. Anderson, a man who's spent almost his entire career turning potentially cool movies into steaming piles of pooh, leaves a film.