Kitsie Duncan

Scared of the Dark? Check Out Kitsie Duncan in the Myctophobia Teaser

We've all got our demons and fears, and the dark has always been a big one for many people... at least that's what I hear. Filmmaker Bryan Wolford taps right into that vein with his new film Myctophobia. Check out the teaser, and leave the lights on.

Mother's Blood Teaser Trailer Released

So you say you've been in a horrendous car accident? Your beauty and overall good nature have been viciously wrenched away from you? This is exactly the situation an attractive socialite, Vivian, finds herself facing in the upcoming film Mother's Blood. But that's nothing a little deal with a mysterious gypsy can't fix ... right?

Indie Filmmakers Spill Mother's Blood to Stay Beautiful

Here's the thing ... when a gypsy approaches you with some kind of deal that would grant you something that you want badly it maybe a good idea to send her packing (in the nicest possible of ways of course lest you be cursed). These things just never work out for the better.

Astro Noir: The Fixers Character Artwork and Series Teaser

Pulp styled, animated web series "Astro Noir: The Fixers" has released a teaser video and some character profiles offering the first look at the concept art by creator Jason Heath. Starring Deneen Melody, Kitsie Duncan, and Brian Shirley, "Astro Noir" takes us back to take us forward!

Lethal Obsession (2010)

Reviewed by Erik W. Van Der Wolf Starring Brad Mills, Kitsie Duncan, Austin Dossey, Larry McAtee Directed by Jason Hignite