Kate Mara

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of the Birth of the Rubber Man Outfit and More Costumes on American Horror Story

Curious about what went into the creation of the iconic Rubber Man suit on "American Horror Story"? What about the challenges of designing wardrobes that span multiple time periods? The answers to those questions and more can be found in these new behind-the-scenes videos for "American Horror Story".

A Second Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.08 - Rubber Man

A second special preview clip has appeared online for this week's episode of "American Horror Story", entitled "Rubber Man", and it features guest star Zachary Quinto as Chad, who visits an S&M store looking for a way to reconnect with his lover, Patrick (Teddy Sears). And thus, the Rubber Man is born!

A Special Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.08 - Rubber Man

Rooney may be the Mara sister getting the most attention right now due to her stint in the upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake, but her older sibling Kate is hitting it out of the park on "American Horror Story" as Ben's evil mistress Hayden McClane. Check out this new clip from this week's Episode 1.08, "Rubber Man".

UPDATED: Cast of the Strause Brothers' Skyline Expands by Two

Skyline, the next feature to be directed by brothers Colin and Greg Strause, has added another new cast member: Crystal Reed, who will also be seen in MTV's upcoming "Teen Wolf" reboot.

The Brothers Strause to Show Off Their Skyline and Get Mange

The duo of darkness Colin and Greg Strause are teaming up once again to co-direct another two horror films. Please for the love of god at least let some of the budget for these upcoming flicks go toward buying a lighting rig.