Juan of the Dead

Fantasia 2012 Roundup: Distribution Deals, Final Jury Awards, Audience Awards, and 2013 Dates

The Fantasia International Film Festival is over for now, but don't be too sad; the 2013 dates have already been announced! Fantasia will be back from the 18th of July to the 6th of August 2013. In the meantime read on for the last news from the 2012 edition.

Offical DVD Specs: Juan of the Dead

We've been talking about Juan of the Dead (review) around these parts for a while now and with good reason... it's friggin' awesome. With the DVD upon us we've got the word on what to expect!

Toronto After Dark's Summer Screenings Kick Off This Wednesday, June 27th

The 2012 Toronto After Dark film fest isn't happening until this October, but to help get you geared up for it, the powers-that-be are holding two special Summer Screening Nights at the Bloor Cinema on June 27th and July 11th featuring some of our favorite films.

Juan of the Dead (2012)

Starring Alexis Diaz de Villegas, Jorge Molina, Andrea Duro, Jazz Vila Written and Directed by Alejandro Brugues

Exclusive: Make a Date with Juan of the Dead

We've all been waiting patiently for a firm release date Juan of the Dead. While sometime in 2012 is nice, we hate being teased. Focus Features dropped us a line today with the date we've been waiting for! Read on!

Slim Horror Pickings at the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival

The lineup of the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival was announced today, and while there are a lot of impressive entries heading to the West Coast, not many of them are horror films. But there are a few that caught our eye so read on for the details.

Grabby New Juan of the Dead One-Sheet

There's no doubt about it ... everything we've seen from Juan of the Dead thus far has been pretty bitchin'. Except for the one-sheets, which have been kind of generic. Well then. Problem solved! Dig the new eye candy!

New Juan of the Dead Clip Makes Short Work of Some Flesh Eaters

The only thing more fun than zombies themselves is finding wondrous and imaginative ways to dispose of the hungry ghouls. In this latest clip from Juan of the Dead, we get a taste of the mayhem to come. Check it out!

In the UK? Join Grimm Up North for Zombie Night on April 27th!

The fine folks behind Manchester’s Grimm Up North love zombies just as much as we do, and to show their appreciation for all things shambling and undead, they have a trio of flesh-eating features lined up to play on April 27th. Step right up!

Outsider Pictures Takes Juan of the Dead to the Movies

Great news coming out today for all of you deadheads that are looking forward to seeing the Cuban horror comedy import Juan of the Dead. Outsider Pictures has acquired the international hit from Guadalajara-based international film sales and distribution company Latinofusion for theatrical distribution in the United States.

Juan of the Dead Officially Starts Paddling to U.S. Shores

Some neat distribution news is coming in to kick off the first week of 2012. Festival favorite Juan of the Dead has officially been granted a green card and access to the United States. Read on for the details.

Sitges 2011: Preliminary Lineup Preview; Watch This Year's Commercial Spot - Alter Ego

Each year the Sitges Film Festival commercial spot is almost as eagerly awaited by the general public as its lineup, and Rafa Antón, creative director of the China agency and the man responsible for its campaigns over the last ten years, has presented this year’s commercial, entitled "Alter Ego". In addition, the preliminary lineup for the Festival has been revealed, but it's not complete by any means. More will be announced throughout the month.

TIFF 2011: Juan of the Dead Gets its Green Card!

One flick we're really looking forward to around these parts is the first horror film to come out of Cuba, Juan of the Dead, and if you need to ask yourselves why, look no further than the hilarious new trailer. And then start looking forward to a domestic release!

Fantastic Fest 2011: Stills Blow-Out - Cost Of Living, Juan Of The Dead, Julia X and Zombie Ass

Get ready, kids! We have a gaggle of new stills waiting for your hungry eyes for several of the bigger and stranger films playing at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which runs from September 22-29! Watcha waitin' for? Dig it!

Fantastic Fest Announces Final Wave of Programming for 2011

If you've been on the fence about attending this year's edition of Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which runs from September 22-29, then the announcement that came today about their final wave of programming should make up your mind. With these additions, just about every film on our radar will be making an appearance at this year's fest! Read on for the details.