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September 20, 2023

As of late, Uruguay has been making itself prevalent in the horror genre. My introduction to the country’s catalog started

Shine in Tigers Are Not Afraid
August 23, 2023

Mexican horror is always evolving. Its roots can be traced back to the Mexican-American production of Universal’s Dracula. But once

Blasco, Mariela, Marta and Lidia sitting the van Nessa
June 21, 2023

Spain is no stranger to the horror genre, with director Álex de la Iglesia dominating with over 25 directing credits

The Last Matinee
May 15, 2023

The Last Matinee pays tribute to international horror films and the cinema experience while rooting itself in magical realism.

Welcome To Hell
April 24, 2023

Welcome to Hell, written and directed by Jimena Monteoliva, is a horror film that focuses on mood and relationships above

Selma with Transformed Eyes
March 15, 2023

With 96 films under his belt, Rafael Baledón became a prolific director during The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Baledón’s

zombi child
February 14, 2023

The current zeitgeist of zombies follows the Western perspective of walking—and in some cases running—corpses with the unstoppable urge to

The Exterminating Angel
November 16, 2022

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term bourgeoisie refers to the capitalist class who own most of society’s wealth and

September 21, 2022

They just want to watch the Catholic Church burn.