Jonah Hill

Gore! Possession! Satan Himself! Yep, its Another Red Band Spot for This Is the End!

If you thought you were excited to see This Is the End before, just wait until you've checked out this latest red band spot for the flick that's full of everything we horror fans love. Dig it!

New Clips from This is The End Make Lists and Head to Confession

When the world is drawing to a close you really need to prepare if possible. That's exactly what our heroes from the horror comedy This Is the End do in this latest clip! Oh, and we get some confessional action too. Dig it!

A Bong Load of New Images from This Is the End

Pack 'em if ya got 'em, people! The apocalypse is as good a reason as any to get yourself lifted, and while you're feeling no pain, you may want to check out this series of new images from the horror comedy This Is the End!

Zombie Invasion Declared in Latest This Is the End Clip

As a bona fide card carrying member of the zombie army complete with full Romero authorized credentials, I have to say... blaming zombies for everything has got to stop! Someone needs to bring a halt to this undead oppression! Seriously, This Is the End!

Go Behind the Scenes of This Is the End

To say that we're looking forward to the upcoming apocalypse horror comedy This Is the End is a bit of an understatement. Everything released thus far has been hilarious, and this latest video follows suit. Check it out!

Celebrate 420 During the Apocalypse with New TV Spot for This Is the End; Get Free Munchies

We all know what tomorrow is, and we all know what we should be doing at some specific point in the day. Our short-term memory isn't that screwed just yet. Neither are the dudes in the upcoming apocalypse horror comedy This Is the End.

Play Your Way Through the Apocalypse with This Is the End Hollywood Hellfire

Looking for a quick way to pass the hours until the end of the workday bell rings? Then we have your hook-up as you can now engage in an apocalyptic good time with the web-based "Hollywood Hellfire" game in honor of the upcoming comedy horror flick This Is the End.

New Clip from This is the End Saves the Actors

Just in time for the MTV Movie Awards, which airs this coming Sunday, the music network that no longer plays music scored an exclusive clip from the upcoming post-apocalyptic comedy This is the End. Check it out!

This Is the End of the Green Band Trailer

Well, not really. It's more like here's the green band trailer for This Is the End, but we have a flair for theatrics so deal with our drama. Suck it up! As a matter of fact, suck on this trailer. Do it. Suck on it. You know you want to.

Join the Demand to Bring This Is the End to Your College

Like what you see so far from Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen's apocalyptic comedy This Is the End? Then read on for details of how you can bring Rogen and his co-stars Craig Robinson and Danny McBride to your college for a free advance screening of the film.

New Red Band Trailer Proves This is the End

This is the end. Beautiful friend. This is the end. My only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that stands, the end. No safety or surprise, the end. A brand new red band trailer... again.

This Is the End of the Trailer for Pineapple Express 2

Yes, today is indeed April Fool's Day, but we've decided to leave the bullshit to other sites and just deliver you guys the straight dope. Speaking of dope, in a stroke of genius the gang behind This Is the End got together to produce the best and funniest joke of the day! Dig it!

Screamy New Still from This is The End

This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly is home to a brand new still from the upcoming apocalyptic comedy This is the End. Check it out now as the clock is ticking and the reaper waits for no one. Except the Winchester brothers of course.

Official Poster and Trailer Premiere: This Is the End

With the Mayan apocalypse finally upon us, it seems fitting that we would get a truly hilarious and NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer for This Is the End (formerly End of the World). If you can get away with it, check this out right now!

Robbie Pickering Takes the Reins of The Kitchen Sink

Some time ago it was reported that Hollywood superstar Jonah Hill would perhaps be stepping up to make his directorial debut with the teenaged monster mash-up film The Kitchen Sink. Now, nearly a year later we find that Robbie Pickering will instead be helming the film.