Jon Rosenberg

Casting News and Preliminary Artwork for Dave Reda's Love Potion #8

Indie Horror Month may be winding down, but that doesn't mean our love for and support of indie filmmakers is going anywhere, and one such project we're keeping an eye on is Dave Reda's new short film Love Potion #8. Read on for a casting update and the first bit of artwork.

Indie Horror Month: Dave Reda Readying 'Love Potion #8' Short and 'Shadow' Feature Films

One of the most promising indie filmmakers we've come across here at Dread Central is Dave Reda, and he just dropped us a line with an update on two new projects he has in the works at Elftwin Films: a short film entitled Love Potion #8 and his second feature, Shadow.

Bit Parts (DVD)

Starring Sarah Gordon, Christopher Page, Michelle Angel, Dave Reda, Molly Fix Directed by Dave Reda Distributed by Cinema Epoch