John Passarella

Exclusive Excerpt from Grimm: The Chopping Block Reveals Juliette's Work Life

Earlier this month we told you about the upcoming companion novel Grimm: The Chopping Block, and since its release date is looming, Titan Books has provided us with an exclusive excerpt to further whet your appetites.

New Grimm Companion Novel The Chopping Block Set for Release February 18th

Another companion novel for the fan favorite TV series "Grimm" is heading our way in less than two weeks, and we have the early details on Grimm: The Chopping Block from Titan Books right here.

Exclusive Interview: Author John Passarella Talks Supernatural: Rite of Passage

When Supernatural: Rite of Passage is released on August 14, 2012, readers will go on a ride with Sam, Dean and Bobby as they head to the town of Laurel Hill, New Jersey, following a series of unlucky incidents occurring in the small city.

Supernatural: Rite of Passage Coming in August from Titan Books

For the hardcore fans of the "Supernatural" television series, fan fiction based on their favorite show has become just as big a part of the series' legacy as the TV show itself.