Joe Rogan

The Final Chapter of our Chat with Joe Rogan

Dread Central winds up our intensive interview with the ubiquitous Joe Rogan and digs deep in an attempt to find out about his wild and woolly messageboard, his popular podcast, influencing impressionable minds, and all of the things the future holds for the talented stand-up comedian.

Joe Rogan Speaks with Dread Central - Part Two

In our last interview installment, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan talked about being a fan of horror books and movies, psychedelic drugs, growing up wanting to be an artist, and how dangerous both chimps and polar bears can be. In this, our second part of three, Dread Central delves deeper into the mind and philosophy of Mr. Rogan.

Joe Rogan Talks Horror Films & Books, Monkeys, and the Psychedelic Experience

The face of genre fandom is a kaleidoscope of different people, backgrounds, and perspectives. A person’s love for all things spooky need not necessarily mean that they fit a certain aesthetic or sport a specific wardrobe choice. Genre fans are a collection of unique individuals who all come from a wide variety of vocations.