Joe Lynch

Lynch Still on The Bridge

All right, so we just got yet more cool news from the Weekend of Horrors going down in LA right now, this time concerning one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch (pictured, looking fierce)!

Lynch Ready to Cross The Bridge?

With Animals on the way already (the trailer's in Video Dread), we could only hope for some more Skipp & Spector adaptations to be in the works as well. But could we be lucky enough to get one that the one and only Joe Lynch would direct?

Wrong Turn 2: Crime and Punishment

It's no secret that we live in an insane world. The tells are everywhere. Each day signs pop up that point to Armageddon. To name a few:

Lynch Back for Wrong Turn 3?

I guess if something works good for you once, as it did with Joe Lynch and Wrong Turn 2, there’s nothing wrong with thinking it might work again. So how’s about a Wrong Turn 3, Joe?

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (DVD)

Starring Erica Leerhsen, Henry Rollins, Texas Battle, Aleksa Palladino, Daniella Alonso Directed by Joe Lynch Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment

Exclusive: Joe Lynch's Lost Wrong Turn 2 Commentary!

We promised it, and as with all our promises, we are delivering it, too! Back when Fox was making the first pressing of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on DVD, the disc was supposed to be a “flipper”, meaning there would be content on both sides of it, one of which would be a “technical” commentary by director Joe Lynch discussing the ins and outs of making the movie and working with Fox.

Wrong Turn 2 Goes to Spain!

Just got the good news from consummate badass Joe Lynch that his debut film, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (review) has been accepted into the prestigious Sitges Film Festival!

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

Starring Henry Rollins, Erica Leershen, Texas Battle, Danielle Alonso Directed by Joe Lynch

Exclusive: Thirsty Pics and News!

We first told you about the film adaption of the Joe Knetter story, Thirsty (story here) just a couple of weeks ago and holy shit do we have more for ya!

Exclusive: Wrong Turn 2 Still, Screening & Disc Dates!

Finally, after what seems like a ridiculously long period of silence, Fox has made the official announcement for Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on DVD which, as we first told you about here, is due out on October 9th.

Horror Got You Thirsty?

We've all been there, man. Driving alone down the highway with billboards and bad radio being your only company. Then you see it ... its warm inviting glow beckoning you to make a pit-stop -- the late night convenience store!

Split Grindhouse? Joe Lynch Retorts!

Ed note: You may not know the name Joe Lynch yet, but something tells me when Wrong Turn 2 comes out later this year you'll be wishing you did. Joe's been a friend of the site for a while now and has some very strong opinions about the Weinsteins' recent comments about possibly splitting up the Grindhouse movies in an attempt to recuoup their costs. We just had to get the man's voice out there cause damnit, he's right! Enjoy!

Exclusive: New Wrong Turn 2 Trailer!

We’ve got a great treat for you guys today; the word premiere of the newest trailer for Wrong Turn 2: Dead End which, until now, has only been seen by the crowd at Fear Fest 2007! See, this is why it's good to hang with Dread!

A Visit to the Set of Wrong Turn 2

Six years. That’s about how long I’ve been doing this wacky website thing, updating horror news for the legions of screaming fans who want their information right now, damnit. Six years may not seem like a long time, but when you figure I’ve seen our reporters go on set visit after set visit, on everything from Mortuary to Silent Hill, and never once had the opportunity to go myself, it can feel like a lifetime.