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Take a Bite Out of the New Trailer and Teaser Poster for Hallow Pointe

We all feel a little wolfen now and then…and we have a couple of goodies to put that snarl in your growl. Dig the new trailer and teaser poster for the upcoming werewolf joint Hallow Pointe.

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Twilight's BooBoo Stewart Enters The House of the Damned 3D

Never in our lives did we ever think that we'd be writing a news story about our very own asstastic Joe Knetter having anything at all to do with anyone from The Twilight Saga, but alas, stranger things have happened.

AFM 2011: Ambitious Sales Trailer for Hallow Pointe

Seeing a poster for a movie can surely give you an idea about what a film is about. Seeing things in motion, though? That's when the magic happens. Strap in for some good old fashioned werewolf mayhem, dearest reader, and check out the sales trailer for Thomas J. Churchill's Hallow Pointe.

AFM 2011: Hallow Pointe Sales Art Starts Howling

More werewolf themed mayhem is coming our way courtesy of DC's own Joe Knetter and director Thomas Churchill. Saddle up, kids! It's time to grab a genre-centric cast and head out to Hallow Pointe!

Predator Producer Shot By a Hallow Pointe

It's been a while since we last spoke about the indie werewolf flick Hallow Pointe written by our own Joe Knetter, but there's been some pretty exciting movement as of late and that means it's time to share the details with you, our favorite fellow freaks!

Indie Horror Double Feature: See Shriek of the Sasquatch and Thirsty in Minnesota

In Minnesota? Looking for some free indie horror action? Then we have some info on a free double bill that you're not going to want to miss! Grab a raincoat and bring a drink! Things may just get really sticky!

Another New Teaser One-Sheet - Job

Some movies take years to cook and ferment before they can get made. Sadly this happens for a variety of reasons. Job is just such a project, and we're told that it's finally in the latter stages of development. Either way, a new teaser one-sheet was sent our way and we have it for you right here.

Strip Club Slasher Premieres in St. Paul, MN, this October!

A double dose of horror hits Minnesota on Wednesday, October 27th, starting at 7:00 pm at the historic - and also haunted - Mounds Theatre in St. Paul, MN, with the highly anticipated world premiere of blood & boobs splatterfest Strip Club Slasher followed by the “Blair Witch meets Evil Dead” inspired shocker Off the Beaten Path.

Hallow Pointe Takes Aim for 2011 Release; New Teaser Art!

2010 has been a little light on the horror scene thus far, but 2011 is shaping up quite nicely. Dead of Night Films just sent out a press release for its upcoming film Hallow Pointe, which features a genre heavy cast (including myself) and some teaser art! Dig it!

Ryuhei Kitamura to Direct Black Friday 3D?

More news out of Cannes. A new slasher is getting set to bring his special brand of slaughter to horror fans, and one hell of a director is said to be getting behind the project.

Coming This Fall ... More Holiday Terror on ThanXgiving

While it's not even summertime yet, there are already a couple of cool things to look forward to during the months leading up to winter. One of them is a new indie flick that isn't afraid to get more than just a little bit messy.

Job Gets Closer to His Day of Reckoning: Casting News and Killer Concept Art

It's been a long time since last we talked about John Gray's religion-gone-awry themed slasher Job, but there are finally some goodies to report so we figured we'd share!

Scream Queen Campfire Has Visions of Knetter

This just in -- Joe Knetter, Scarlet Salem, and yes, me, Uncle Creepy, have agreed to be a part of Jonathan Moody's new webseries "Scream Queen Campfire", which will feature five beautiful scream queens sitting around a campfire taking turns telling two stories each and giving us ten terrifying and entertaining tales to digest. Just think of how many heaving boobs that can equal up to!

New Stills from Knetter's Strip Club Slasher

With production winding down on his new film for Not For the Squeamish Productions, Strip Club Slasher, famous horror author and Dread Central's resident perv Joe Knetter dropped us off some exclusive semi-NSFW stills from the flick that may get your monitors just a wee bit steamy.