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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Grimm Photo Gallery, Full Panel Video, and More

Curious about what you might have missed from the "Grimm" panel during this year's San Diego Comic-Con? Well, be curious no more as NBC has released it in its entirety! Watch it here, and also check out our photo gallery from SDCC. We'll have more interviews soon!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: A Look at the Grimm Experience

The funny thing about this year's Comic-Con is that most of the really cool stuff is located outside. Case in point... The "Grimm" experience. Check out all the images you need to see! Check it out and read on for "Grimm" Comic-Con details.

First Look at Grimm's Toothy New Beast

Entertainment Weekly scored a look at one of the upcoming creatures that will be featured in the second season of "Grimm", and we've got the shot in all of its snarling glory right here for you. Check it out, and look for more soon!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Grimm - Take a Look at Aunt Marie's Trailer

Outside of the San Diego Comic-Con we ran into the staging area for "Grimm" and snapped a quick photo of the onsite replica of Aunt Marie's trailer. Unfortunately, there were no tools of destruction on hand just yet, but we figured what the hell!

Grimm: Refresh Your Memory with a Recap of Season One

We really enjoyed Season 1 of NBC's "Grimm" and are looking forward to the show's presentation later this week at Comic-Con. But since some time has passed, we're a little fuzzy on a few details, which is why this Season 1 recap video the network has provided is definitely appreciated.

Your First Look at Grimm's Season 2 Key Art and Special Comic-Con Poster

If you haven't been watching NBC's "Grimm" because you're turned off by the whole fairy tale aspect of it, you are so missing out. Do yourself a favor: Track down season one, and then start looking forward to season two like the rest of us. Speaking of which...

Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino Goes Grimm

If you've been watching "Supernatural" recently, you know one thing: Actor Mark Pellegrino is one of the best and most memorable Satans we've seen in quite some time. Now he's ready to spread his evil a bit further into the land of the "Grimm."

Watch a Time-Lapse Creature Transformation from NBC's Grimm

Ever wonder what's involved with making a Wesen come to life on NBC's popular series "Grimm"? Then check out this time-lapse video the network sent over showing how much makeup goes into creating the creatures prior to the special effects being added.

Grimm Season One Heading to Blu-ray/DVD on August 7th!

"Grimm" Season One is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 7, 2012, as a five-disc set in special, limited edition packaging with exclusive collector cards and never-before-seen bonus material such as deleted scenes, "Making Monsters" featurette, an interactive creature guide, and more!

James Frain Gets Grimm

The first bit of casting news for Season 2 of NBC's "Grimm" is here, and it's pretty damned perfect if we do say so ourselves. Read on for all the latest concerning the Peacock's horror offering which happens to be a lot better than you'd expect!

Grimm Season 2 Promo Video Promises a Late Summer Return

It looks like Season 2 of NBC's "Grimm" will indeed be airing a bit earlier than the typical fall season, as evidenced by this new promo video's mention of "late summer". Check it out along with a Q&A of the cast answering fan questions from Facebook.

More Grimm Season Finale Previews!

We're just a couple of days away from the "Grimm" season finale, and while we wait for Friday night's episode to air, here's another batch of cast “thank you” messages and previews. In these videos you’ll find more about Episode 1.22, "Woman in Black", plus catch some Season 2 hints!

Grimm Stars David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby Discuss Upcoming Season Finale, Thoughts on Seasons One and Two, and More

On May 18th NBC will air the season finale of "Grimm", and to get the fans excited for the episode (titled "Woman in Black"), the network invited several journalists to chat with stars David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby.

Preview of and Clip from Grimm Season Finale Episode 1.22 - Woman in Black; The Cast Thanks the Fans

The season finale of "Grimm" airs May 18th on NBC, and with the quality of the show increasing dramatically lately, we're expecting big things from "Woman in Black". Along with some sneak peeks of the ep, here are interviews with four cast members thanking the fans for their support.

Preview of and Clip from Grimm Episode 1.21 - Big Feet

The Bigfoot legend finally makes an appearance on this week's episode of "Grimm", titled, appropriately enough, "Big Feet", and along with a sasquatch-type character, fans of the show will be treated to a guest starring turn by Roger Bart (Hostel: Part II, The Midnight Meat Train). Check out the preview and a clip introduced by the Grimm himself.