Jessica Cook

Swat at These New Images from Stung

Get out your bug spray and industrial strength fly-swatters, my fellow fiends! It's time for a new trio of images from the upcoming giant mutant wasp fiesta known as Stung. Seriously, we want this one like yesterday!

New Stung Stills Sting

Ever since I witnessed giant ants make "that noise" in THEM!, I knew one thing... I was officially hooked on giant insect movies. If you're like me, then the killer wasp flick Stung is high up on your must-see list, and we have a brand new set of stills to fan your flames! Dig 'em!

First Still From Creature Feature Stung Shows Glorious Practical Effects

While horror fans tend to not see eye to eye on many issues, one thing we can all agree on is that old school practical effects should never take a back seat to CGI - which they unfortunately do these days, far more often than they don't.

Be Stung By These Production Videos

Looking forward to the new mutant wasp-laden horror comedy buzzing our way, Stung? Then get ready for an eye- and ear-ful as a series of production videos has hit the interwebs. Hey, it's Monday! Why not start your goofing off early this week?

Great Cast Stung By a New Horror Comedy

Mutant wasps! You know them! You hate them! You swat at them with reckless abandon when they start buzzing around and then run away screaming should you anger them enough to get antsy and attack! There's gotta be humor in there somewhere, right?