Jack & Diane

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Jack & Diane DVD Prize Pack!

The new werewolf-themed love story Jack & Diane arrived in stores this week, and to celebrate all the furry fun, we've assembled a DVD prize package for you to sink your claws into! Read on for details.

Ring in 2013 with Lesbian Werewolves Jack & Diane

Magnolia's Jack & Diane is headed home to Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got all the info you need to decide if you wanna be privy to this extra furry sliver of romance and horror. Read on for details and artwork.

Things Get Bloody in New Jack & Diane Stills

Magnolia's Jack & Diane is available On Demand right now and in theaters November 2nd. On tap for you here is a new set of bloody stills and even a look at the film's lesbian werewolf. Incidentally we love writing the words "lesbian" and "werewolf" together. It makes us smile.

Jack & Diane Trailer Heavy on Petting

The official trailer for Magnolia's Jack & Diane, available On Demand September 28th and in theaters November 2nd, is here; and if you're looking for some good old fashioned lesbian werewolf action, you're likely to be disappointed.

Jack & Diane Share a Smooch in Latest Clip

Honestly, who would have thought that a movie about lesbian werewolves could look so inexplicably uninteresting? It truly is an amazing feat. Anyway, dig on this clip from Jack & Diane, available On Demand September 28th and in theaters November 2nd.

The Horrors of Tribeca 2012: Jack and Diane, Rat King, Headshot, Journey to Planet X

Tribeca 2012 ran April 18th-29th in NYC, and Dread Central was on the scene. Here we have mini-reviews of four films that may be of interest to you as a horror fan or just on your radar as someone who loves good cinema that travels off the beaten path and into weirdsville.

More Lesbian Werewolf Love in Latest Jack and Diane Stills

More stills from Jack and Diane have come our way featuring ... well a whole lot of nothing. Not even chicks kissing. There is some bruising though. We're really starting to think that this werewolf tale is gonna be lacking bite.

Juno Temple and Riley Keough Are Just a Kiss Away in New Jack and Diane One-Sheet

The moment before a kiss can be the most exciting few seconds of our lives. Especially if the person you're about to kiss has blood all over his or her mouth. Then you have to worry about STD's, infections, HIV, etc. But what if you're a werewolf?

The MPAA Looks Over Lesbian Werewolf Flick Jack and Diane and Comes Back with a Rating

Let's face it... by virtue of the fact that a horror film is featuring lesbian werewolves as its main characters, there's only one possible rating that the Motion Picture Association of America would give Jack & Diane, and it's certainly not PG-13.

Tribeca 2012: Partial Lineup Announced and New Stills for Jack and Diane; Nancy, Please; Beyond the Hill; and More

Marketing folks try anything to draw the widest audience possible so it's often hard to know the exact genre of a film until we've sat through it. With that knowledge we bring you the handful of horror films screening at this year's Tribeca Film Festival thus far...plus those that MIGHT be.

Make a Date with Intruders and Jack & Diane

Some quick release date news has come our way for you cats on this slow news day so we've put down our Christmas toys and decided to type up a story so that you may plan accordingly! Dig it!

Jack & Diane Find a Home at Magnolia

Good news for fans of lesbian werewolves or just anyone who wants to see Kylie Minogue kiss a girl (we're looking at YOU, Masked Slasher). Jack & Diane has nailed itself some distribution. Read on for the details.

Jack & Diane: Kylie Minogue Kisses a Girl ... and She Likes It!

Well, who knows if she actually likes it, but in any event you're gonna get a chance to see her do it in the estrogen-fueled horror flick Jack & Diane.

The King's Granddaughter - Riley Keough Set for Jack & Diane Werewolf Romp

It's like we're playing a game of musical werewolves! Try and keep up ... first Juno Temple (Year One, Wild Child) was set to replace Alison Pill as "Diane" in Bradley Rust Gray's sexy lesbian werewolf flick Jack & Diane, and now there are even more shake-ups as yet another cast member has been ousted!

Juno Temple to Howl Us a Little Ditty 'Bout Jack & Diane

Bradley Rust's lycanthropic tale of lesbian love Jack & Diane just officially landed itself a new leading lady! One cute enough to get the masses howling (even though the flick is billed as being "not a horror movie".