Ivan Rogar

First Word and Early Teaser Art for Eternal Night

When we last heard from Ivan Rogar (Vektor), it was August of 2012, and he was working on a project called The Divine. Well, things have changed a bit since then, and instead, next up for Rogar will be mystery thriller Eternal Night.

First Word on Ivan Rogar's The Divine

While we weren't totally thrilled with Ivan Rogar's previous thriller Vektor (review here), we have been looking forward to the director's next project, and news of it has finally arrived. Read on for the details.

Vektor (2010)

Starring Danijela Tepic, Josip Fackovic, Alan Hrehoric, Tamara Kefelja Directed by Ivan Rogar

Vektor Now Available on DVD; Sequel Announced Along with Sothos & Haven Red

On October 30th Croatian thriller Vektor had its premiere at KIC Art Kino in Zagreb. From all accounts it was a success, and the film is now available on DVD. But instead of resting on their laurels, the filmmakers have announced not only only a sequel, entitled Vektor: Terminal Apocalypse, but also two new genre projects: Sothos and Haven Red.

Official Trailer Debut for Ivan Rogar's Vektor

Things are obviously heating up for the Croatian thriller Vektor produced and directed by Ivan Rogar as its official trailer is now live, and we've gotten word from Rogar that the film is premiering in Zagreb this month. Vektor was written by Josip Fackovic and stars Fackovic, Rogar, Danijela Tepic, Alan Hrehoric, and Tamara Kefelja. Its synopsis follows:

A Final Clip from Croatian Thriller Vektor

We haven't heard much about producer/director Ivan Rogar's Vektor since this past May, but apparently things are progressing nicely in post as Roger has provided us with a "final" clip from the film in anticipation of a DVD release this fall. Vektor was written by Josip Fackovic and stars Fackovic, Rogar, Danijela Tepic, Alan Hrehoric, and Tamara Kefelja. Its slightly modified synopsis follows:

A New Clip from Croatian Thriller Vektor

It's been a few months since we've had any sort of update on post-apocalyptic thriller Vektor coming out of Croatia, but we've learned the film is now in post-production with a third clip available for viewing. Director, writer, actor, and musician Ivan Rogar dropped us a line with the update. The film, written by Josip Fackovic, has an anticipated release date after the second half of 2010, and its synopsis follows.

Plot Details, Teaser Trailer, and Two Clips from Vektor

You never know where the next big thing is likely to come from, but if Ivan Rogar has any say in the matter, it will be Croatia, where his post-apocalyptic thriller Vektor hails from.